Four differences between male and female after virginity

For many people, the first sex night is extremely sacred moment. It is sure that everyone will have such moment, and the only difference it the time. In the growth stage of most people, virginity is necessary process which cannot be ignored. Even some people speak more slightly, and there will always be something only understood in the deep heart. But the man and woman will produce different feeling because of physiological different. So how much do you know about this point? The following contents will give you some useful and interesting information.

Four differences between male and female after virginity

One, desire degree

It is a little strange that many men do not want their still to be boy. No matter lose their virginity to love or didn’t love woman. But the girls hope to take the first sex to the future husband, which is the common idea. So based on the above theory, the men after the fist sex night fulfill their wish, but the girls will be very sad. The boys is not to the virgin as glory, while girls to a virgin pride.

Two, exciting value

The boy will be more excited, so they will recall every detail lost his virginity. They are particularly eager to look forward the next time arrival. But the girls emotion will turn change one hundred and eighty degrees. They are sad and depressed, and more. No matter how open women’s concept of sex, they are very care about their first sex night.

Four differences between male and female after virginity

Three, involvement

For the first time, involvement of men is much more than women. Boys are more nervous of their own performance, and can let the other party into the climax. So no matter what they can or not, they will try to play until thoroughly. The girls are different, and it is nothing to do with reserved characteristic. The girls first time is more passive type. She can only actively cooperate with the partner even love each other very much. If you want the girl to be positive, it needs more practice.

Four, the rate of forgetting

There is no denying the fact that boys may not remember the first night lover. Her good or bad memory was updated soon by the new partners. Boys are more reluctant to face the first lover, while they generally believe that their original performance is very poor. But the girls will few forget her first night lover. After all, he turned her into a woman from the girls. They will keep the memory in their deep mind.

Four differences between male and female after virginity

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