Four big forbidden points of eating kelp

1, kelp can not soak for long time

It is not recommended to soak the kelp for long time. The general said to soak about 6 hours, because the too long soaking time will make the kelp nutrients, such as water soluble vitamin and inorganic salt dissolved in water, so it will reduce the nutritional value.

Four big forbidden points of eating kelp

2, don’t eat kelp as staple food

It is bad to eat kelp as staple food, so as this will be excessive iodine intake, which may have an impact on health. Furthermore, the kelp contains a certain amount of arsenic, and excessive intake of arsenic can cause poisoning. Therefore, before cooking the kelp, it should first rinse water, so that the arsenic in water solution.

3, don’t immediately tea or eat fruit after eat kelp

It is not recommended immediately drinking tea which contain tannic acid after eat kelp. And also do not eat sour fruits immediately, as the sour fruit plants containing acid. Because kelp is rich in iron, the above two food will hinder the body absorb iron.

4, special people should not to eat kelp

The people who are suffering from hyperthyroidism should not eat kelp, due to the rich iodine will aggravate the condition. And the pregnant and lactating women should not eat kelp. This is because the iodine in kelp can enter the fetus and infant body with the blood circulation to cause thyroid dysfunction.

Four big forbidden points of eating kelp

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