FOUR basic methods of rapid sex climax

Fundamentally speaking, coital process the clitoral stimulation can be regarded as women in the sex process of self stimulation. To sum up, there are six basic ways to achieve orgasm during intercourse process:

1 woman takes the initiative to coital position: the female up position is the most effective method

This method will have free movement for women to obtain sufficient satisfaction. This kind of body posture can make a woman’s legs tightened together, or can adjust the penis insertion amplitude, in order to adjust the clitoris touch with man’s pubic in their own way.

FOUR basic methods of rapid sex climax

In addition, it can also take the woman belly pasted in the following position, and this method is effective for many women. The woman lying face down on the bed and the man insert penis into the vagina from the back, and the above man also increase more pleasure for her.

2 rubbing together pubic place / pudendal

This method is similar with the above one, and this can be used in any position. The grinding pressure consisted entirely of insertion, leaving only a little penis in the vagina pumping, or make the penis completely inserted without pumping, and then twist the body, so the men and women of pudendal will tightly together, and the mutual friction, especially women’s vulva labia will get greatly comfortable stimulation.

FOUR basic methods of rapid sex climax

3 both sides of male and female pubic bone contact in coital process

Tightly press the man’s pubic on woman’s clitoris, and it will stimulate the clitoris with every penis pumping. In most cases, the man can take the up position or both sitting positing. And woman legs can be any posture, such as the thighs apart, upward, backward bended or reach to the air. The principle is that the penis pumping for clitoral stimulation is not too difficult, and women body is also free movement.

In the “male and female pudendal together” friction stimulation, women prefer the following modes: slow, gentle, sensitive and powerful. But is not a constant violent collision. Slowly gently insert, and press pudendal area after insert complete. In general, only those who do not achieve orgasm during intercourse process would like rough treatment.

FOUR basic methods of rapid sex climax

4 penile vaginal repeated insertions

The penis insert ratio will be much less than others. The penis is only scrubbing in the medial edge near exercise labia, or even every time tic will completely off the vagina, thus the vaginal entrance and labia minora will continue to be pulled and stimulation.

FOUR basic methods of rapid sex climax

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