Flat-panel TV how to put it in good situation? Tablet TV placement skills

Many consumers to buy flat-panel TVs, because of the flat-panel TV has the advantages of small volume, compared with the traditional CRT TV, it has no long thick tube, looks slim and beautiful, and space saving. However, although flat-panel TVs volume is much smaller than the old color TV, but it does not mean that the family users can reduce the display space, because the flat panel TV also need a breathable environment.

1, surrounded by a certain space

In general, the heat sink grid is usually designed to be on the back or side of the back, so the rear surface of the television and the four sides need a space for ventilation. For the seat type display of flat-panel TVs, if it is placed in the cabinet, the back of the fuselage and the wall to maintain a distance of more than 15 cm, while the TV side and other furniture, it is best to retain more than 20 cm in the distance, so that ventilation and convenient wiring operation.

Flat-panel TV how to put it in good situation? Tablet TV placement skills

2, leave enough space for hanging

A lot of home users like to place flat panel TV hanging on the wall, in order to save more space on the ground, do not need special low ark to supporting TV. But you don’t think hanging on the wall is to completely fit the TV close to the wall. In fact, about 15 cm distance between wall and TV will be the minimum requirement. First of all, due to the various interfaces of the TV are basically arranged in the back, a variety of data lines cannot resist the wall over the bend, otherwise it is easy to break. Secondly, it is still a problem of ventilation cooling television, if the body is too close to the wall, it is easy to accumulate hot air around the body and is not easy to flow.

3, depending on the size of the screen to adjust the distance

First of all, for economic reasons, the user will consider their afford ability. In this way, the TV size for the user to choose will be hovering in the two or three grade. With the same price, the large screen TV will be the low-end products from small production; and the good quality goods, perhaps the screen can only buy a few inches.

Flat-panel TV how to put it in good situation? Tablet TV placement skills

Secondly, the size of the TV screen affect the distance the watching distance. For example, the living room is about 25 square meters, and the distance between the TV and the sofa is about 4 meters, so 42 to 37 inches of TV is in line with people’s habits, then the TV’s flat, wide range of visual advantages can be at the best performance. The size of the flat screen TV is affordable for the people who can buy the house with 25 square meters living room.

But if this TV screen is less than 32 inch, it will be not comfortable for your watching. The screen width is not enough, the font is too small, TV volume need to open louder, for a long time, and it will affect your eyesight.

4, TV also needs good sound effect

In addition, TV also emphasizes sound effects, different sizes of products during the development phase will consider to practical use in the general situation to design sound effect system, from the channel to the volume, from soprano to bass, different products have own adjustment range. If the television place in a very large space, TV desired sound effect will be difficult to adapt to the requirements of spatial variation, even the TV volume increases, voice is weak and lax, bass weak.

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