Five ways to protect men’s kidney

As a man, the kidney plays an special important role, as the body do the metabolism all the time. The kidneys excrete all the harmful substances through the urine to regulate the body of water, electrolyte and acid-base balance, to maintain the normal activity of life. So in order to maintain health and decrease aging process, you should protect renal function, and this is particularly important for elderly people.

Five ways to protect men’s kidney

1, Drink more water

Drinking more water can help the body to discharge the metabolism waste, to reduce the concentration of toxic substances in the kidney, and then to avoid damage to the kidney.

When people be ill and get a fever, as the metabolism increased, the metabolism produced waste and toxic substances will increase, so it is better to drink more water to facilitate excretion.

Five ways to protect men’s kidney

2, Prevention of urinary tract infection

The incidence of urinary tract infection increased with ageing, especially in the elderly. This may be associated with renal blood flow insufficiency of elderly people, reduced resistance related. Prostate hyperplasia or the female male pelvic diseases are easy to cause the urine road infection, so it should be the timely discovery and active treatment.

3, Be careful of kidney injury by drug

The following drugs will lead to renal damage, such as sulfa, kanamycin, streptomycin. So it should pay more attention on these drugs usage during the daily life.

If it is necessary to use the above drugs, it must be under the guidance of a doctor, and it is better to chose the weak damage drugs, and also drink more water during the drug taking period.

Five ways to protect men’s kidney

4, Control the blood pressure

Renal artery in elderly patients with endometrial thickening, and hypertension can accelerate the development of these lesions, therefore you should take the medicine on time to control the blood pressure.

5, Pay attention to the waist warm

The weather is getting hot, but is should not be naked sleep on wood or stone. In the cold season, you should pay attention to the waist warm to avoid cold invasion, which can cause kidney damage and affect or decreased renal function.

Five ways to protect men’s kidney

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