Five tips let women keep warm in this cold winter

During the low temperature season, women often suffer from cold limbs, seriously can also affect the quality of sleep or cause other potential diseases. Therefore, cold extremities is an important problem, which is puzzling many women in general. It cause cold limbs by many individual factors, individual body function difference, lack of exercise, nutritional imbalance, poor blood circulation are the main reasons.

Five tips let women keep warm in this cold winter

The harm of cold limbs

No one will believe there is some relationship between the cold limbs and cancer. But if perennial cold hands and feet, usually also often feel fatigue and cold, have no spirit, the lip color is pale, loss of libido, men often spermatorrhea, women leucorrhea increased, these need to raise vigilance.

In order to guard against all kinds of hidden disease, follow the below tips to warm your body and limbs.

1, do more exercise

Eat more, but with less exercise, it is easy to let the excess fat accumulation in the body. You can do more exercise, to consume the excessive fat, and also can strengthen blood circulation to warm up. Like climbing stairs, simple standing jump can help to strengthen the ability to regulate body temperature. In addition, it is best not to wear tight clothes, because clothes too tight will hinder the blood circulation.

Five tips let women keep warm in this cold winter

2, take a hot bath before going to bed

Hot bath before going to bed not only can promote vascular peripheral circulation, but also can help sleep effect.

3, pressure massage

Taking some massage can improve your blood circulation speed then to warm up your body.

4, eat on time

It is better not to partial eclipse, excessive weight loss, so that some amount of stored body fat, which can help to maintain body temperature. If you know in advance today because the job is busy, cannot eat on time, then you can prepare in advance some biscuits, bread, or ginseng tea and other timely supplement heat.

Five tips let women keep warm in this cold winter

5, a balanced diet

Eat more containing nicotinic acid and vitamin B food, which can expanse peripheral blood vessels to improve the cold hands and feet; eat nuts, carrots and other hot food, avoid eating cold food; appropriate to eat spicy food, such as pepper, mustard can promote blood circulation. Special to eat more foods rich in iron, which is an important raw material for the production of hemoglobin, as the hemoglobin is the main function of red blood cells within the material, undertakes the transportation task in vivo metabolism of oxygen.

Five tips let women keep warm in this cold winter

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