Five tips for cooking healthy fish dishes

1 use good quality oil smearing fish and then add some ingredients embellishment

Before cooking, brush the double-sided of fish with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, then add some dried tomatoes, or peppers, Rolle and garlic embellishment. You can also use avocado, chopped nuts grain decoration before serving. If you need to dip, it can also use olive sauce or sesame flavor.

2 add natural spices to remove the Fishy Flavor

Flavor helps to remove the smell of fish, for example, the sprinkle with garlic and Italy spices is good and simple combination, or squeeze some fresh lemon juice, which are both simple, and good cooking methods. If you like spicy taste, you can use fresh grated ginger, crushed red pepper, or black pepper and other seasonings.

Five tips for cooking healthy fish dishes

3 cook together with other food

After fish baked or boiled, you can add other tasty and healthy food, sauce bottom such as mango Sasa sauce, hummus, yams and other vegetables. There will be great combination tastes together.

4 eat cool cooked fish will have some new flavor

Almost all seafood, there will be new flavor when it became cool after cooked. For example, it put cool fish to fresh salad instead of common chicken, it will be a great food for your family.

Five tips for cooking healthy fish dishes

5 adding heavy taste food

Put the fish which is simple baked or cooked, into another tasty and heavy taste food. Such as soup, meat, stewed dishes, stir fried dishes, fish flavor, will bring a different taste, and can solve the greasy.

Health tip

Fish contains high quality protein, and the human body absorption rate is high, and the protein content is 2 times than pork, but the fat, calories, cholesterol rate is lower, so it is highly suggested a weekly intake of deep-sea fish 2 to 3 times, due to the deep-sea fish contain unsaturated fatty acid Omega3, which can reduce cardiovascular disease, control blood pressure and prevent senile macular disease, maintain the health of human body. However, it is best not to let the child, pregnant women eat tuna, swordfish, shark, and cod. Because of the large fish contain high levels of methylmercury, which may damage the human nervous system.

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