Five recommended foods good for female hormones

When talk about the beneficial food for women’s hormonal, many people may think of soybean which contains isoflavone, and this means you have already known some useful skill for your daily health. In fact, if you only know these point, it is still unable to achieve a healthy balance between the female hormone and food.

Five recommended foods good for female hormones

1 protein

Meat, fish, dairy products and eggs are all containing animal protein. These animal protein can be synthesized cholesterol containing female hormones. Animal protein deficiency may cause the female menopause. Plant and animal proteins adequate intake at the same time will have an irreplaceable role in the female hormone promotion.

2 the soybean food

Soybean food is recognized as the good effect promotion of estrogen. But, if you think the natural food can eat as much as possible, that’s absolutely wrong! The right way is to eat tofu, common bean, bean paste and so on these in daily life and other food together.

Five recommended foods good for female hormones

3 vegetables

Vegetables contain rich dietary fiber and vitamin, which is very good to promote female hormone. Particularly the rich vitamin B1 contained in spinach, which plays an important role in the generation of nerve transfer angiotensin. If lack of vitamin, the brain cannot send secrete hormones instructions to ovarian. Therefore, it is important to eat a lot of vegetables, especially colored vegetables.

4 mushrooms, seaweed class foods

Enhancement of female hormones, the high calorie food is generally not recommended. The mushrooms and seaweed foods are low in calories, but contain rich food fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Therefore, we should eat a lot of them.

Five recommended foods good for female hormones

5 sesame seeds, nuts

Sesame seeds, nuts contain a lot of vitamin B and vitamin E, which is indispensable for the hormonal balance of smooth secretion of the hormone. But please remind that these foods contain rich fat, so don’t eat too much..

Regarding the promotion of female hormones, good diet and life balance is very important. If you’re partial eclipse, it may cause an imbalance in hormone.

Five recommended foods good for female hormones

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