Five major symptoms of impotence, do you have anyone?

tmp830003024280682498Impotence is a male most headaches problem, and there are a lot of reasons to cause impotence. Especially in recent years, due to the daily life pressure increased, the incidence rate of patients with impotence is increasing, seriously affecting men’s physical and mental health. Early to know the symptoms of impotence, especially early symptoms can be found and timely treatment, so as to better rehabilitation. So what are the common symptoms of impotence?

There are five typical symptoms of impotence:

1. The penis cannot completely erect or erect not firm, so cannot complete the normal sexual life.

2. Young people not fully emotion exchange with partners or sexual behavior is not unified, anxiety and impatience with impotence.

3. Occasionally occur impotence, sexual life is completely normal in next time, which may be caused by a nervous or overworked, take a rest is a good idea.

4. impotent although happen frequently, but in the early morning penis erection can maintain for a period of time, which is mostly caused by psychological factors.

5. Impotence persist and advances, which is mostly caused by organic disease.

In fact, in the common life, the impotence diseases can be divided into three major categories: organic impotence, impotence and mental functional impotence.

1. Organic impotence has many performance symptoms, and the most one is that the penile erection cannot happen at any time any place.

2. mental impotence showed more acute situation, and the penis has initiatively erect, the penis erection during the deep sleep at night or wake up early, masturbation or sexual reverie simulation is normal, but it cannot erect before the real sexual intercourse; or when the penis just contacted the female body can have hard erect, but when there are attempts to insert, penis will be soft immediately.

3. the difference between the functional impotence and organic impotence is that, from the erection situation viewpoint, the latter cannot erect in any state, but the former will appear similar to the normal erection occasionally; from the pathogeny point of view, functional impotence and psychological factors are closely related, such as fear, depression, anxiety, mental trauma.

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