Five main reasons for men to abandon their small genitals

Five main reasons for men to abandon their small genitals It is true that every man want to have a large penis, so they will worry about their penis is not big enough to show their manhood. The popular American sex website interviewed Corey Sidfordberg, a reproductive expert, to reveal the reason that the five reason is that men always feel small.

Early illusion

Many men observe the size of their genitals for the first time by observing their father’s body. Because of the obvious gap between the child and father in height, size, so the father’s penis is much bigger in the child’s eyes and mind. Furthermore, the child is often from the bottom up viewpoint, it will multiply the penis. As a result, men’s early recognition of the size of the genitals is almost correct.

Cloak room syndrome

There is no much opportunities to observe other men’s genitals, except for changing rooms and public bathrooms. In these public places, men still fail to observe the size of other people carefully. In addition, the other males seen in the dressing room often have no genital erections. When not fully erection, the penis size is different, but after erection will be almost the same.

Porn material misleading

According to a survey, 62% of men who were worried about having their genitals too small said that their worries began with childhood comparisons with friends, while 37% watched porn films. "It’s really a bad way to learn sex information." Cory West Foboge stressed that porn film will use technical means of shooting angle and light to exaggerate the physiological characteristics of men and women, making it more rich visual impact.


Men watching their own penis are generally looking down. This angle will make your penis look much smaller than it really is. If you can look at yourself in the mirror to watch at the level of the front and side, then the formation of judgments will be more objective.

Average value

The man is complaining, because they do not understand the average penis size. After erection, the length of penis should be between 13 – 15 cm. In fact, most men’s genitals are of moderate size.

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