Five hurts for women of cohabitation without marriage

The results in cohabiting case study show that the women are costly in the following 5 items, and even pay a heavy price, while men almost no any cost. Many people think that, as long as they don’t suffer, the others’ perception is not important. However, romantic culture of tolerance for men, the women are demanding.

The male and female body characteristics determine that women susceptible to suffer from gynecological diseases and other diseases during the cohabitation. If the woman accidentally be pregnant, there will be more damage to women’s health and if improper handling will easily leave sequela. The risk of getting pregnant is almost entirely taken by women.

Five hurts for women of cohabitation without marriage

First, early cohabitation will let women lose interest in marriage.

Women will think cohabitation together is so sweet, but when two people live together they feel it is totally another case. Life becomes boring, so their lost interesting in marriage. The two people who could have married can lose confidence in marriage as premature experience the married life.

Five hurts for women of cohabitation without marriage

Second, premarital cohabitation buried pain to marriage

Sex love is necessary during cohabiting couples, and some people even take this as the main objective. In fact, this is a kind of morbid thoughts. Have you thought about if you not last into the palace of the marriage, what consequence will be for you?

Third, premarital cohabitation let the man loss interesting in woman

Premature cohabitation will let the man began to be accustomed to the body of a woman. Lying in bed naked even embrace can maintain every day? As a woman, the moment of passion can make you forget everything, but long time naked will let the man slowly lost interesting on you. When your body has no longer attractive to your man, how can you hold his heart?

Five hurts for women of cohabitation without marriage

Fourth, premarital cohabitation let woman’s body injury

The man and woman who are accustomed to a passion always think pregnant is very simple. Even forget this problem that the careless handling of woman will be pregnant. In today’s society there are so many cases of pregnant without marriage, so this also gave birth to the emergence of more abortion drug. Once a woman is pregnant, this will produce a sense of fear in psychology.

Fifth, premarital cohabitation let woman buried in shadow

Two people living together will always have problems. Even the flush quarrel or fighting that will give your heart to leave much shadow. Maybe you will very hard to accept another man to love you another, as you have already lost faith of love.

Five hurts for women of cohabitation without marriage

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