Five – food for the cold winters

In the cold winter, due to dry climate, hot and cold alternately, the metabolism of the body function decline. The body is in a state of low energy for a long time, easy to make people irritable, depressed, and depressed feeling. In this case, people are more prone to dizzy, mouth dry tongue, chest distress and discomfort, in addition to the winter necessary care, should also choose some help to make people happy – the food safe during the winter cold.

1, Lotus help ventilation nursed back to health benefits of God

Lotus has good effect for your spleen and stomach, calming, removing heat dissipation effect, fresh lotus root can heat Sheng Jin, can take lotus 100 grams, 50 grams of rice, sugar, stir the porridge, can be used to treat common winter dry mouth, tongue, nose, eye astringent, obvious effect.

Five - food for the cold winters

2, Radish and stuffy stomach fluid

Radish can be good for your stomach, especially the green radish effect was outstanding. Take 250 grams of fresh radish slices, 2 plum, can treat chest pain, abdominal distension, hiccup etc.. Take the product as well as heat phlegm.

3, The fennel is good for your stomach and Spleen

Fennel is a common condiment, the warm dry and spicy taste, the fennel leaves and the seed has good effect for your body. With fennel leaves cooking paste or cooking can be Qi stomach pain, the anger caused by abdominal distension, pain, there is a good effect. When hiccup, available for a small fennel fried water, clothes, very effective.

4, Grapefruit is good for stomach

Grapefruit meat has phlegm, thirst role. General can be eaten raw, can also be ground juice drink, daily 50 ml grapefruit juice, helps digestion and stomach, suitable for gas, abdominal distension and fullness of hiccup. The grapefruit juice with orange peel, ginger, brown sugar with the decoction, and stomach qi can drop well. Grapefruit peel of spicy sweet and warm, because of the cold and qi stagnation and chest tightness, each with 6~9 grams Decoction orally, can effectively relieve, but also conducive to resolving phlegm, digestion, gas.

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