Fat baby’s five dietary recommendations

Many parents expect their children is plump, but many kids are fat because the child’s weight has exceed the standard. If the baby’s weight exceed the standard, the child’s digestion and absorption system will get some hurt, so we should pay attention to the baby diet. The following article show the suggestion for baby’s diet.

1, reducing the intake of fat foods

Some mothers believe that the small baby to lose weight should from the staple food, and this concept is wrong. Because the staple food contains the carbohydrates will be converted into sugar, which can supply the needs of brain development. Staple food as long as they do not exceed the standard can be ok. It is best to start with a reduction in the intake of fat foods. Some mothers think that the child only need to eat less fat, and no matter with the lean meat. In fact, 100 grams of lean pork containing protein 16.7 grams, while the fat containing up to 28.8 grams. So, lean pork is actually not a kind of high protein, low fat food. Eat too much lean pork, the intake of animal fat will be greatly increased.

Fat baby's five dietary recommendations

2, replace the types of snacks

You can replace the snacks for children, such as candy, chocolate, chewing gum, soft drinks, fruit and other high sugar, high calorie snacks to the pure milk, yogurt, fruit and other low-fat high fiber food, while reducing its beverage intake. Thirsty to choose as far as possible the water, because the water is the most healthy human body, the most economical water source.

3, eat to time, quantitative

The eating time should be relatively fixed for the three meals or four meals a day, and the amount of food should be also relatively fixed. Must eat a good breakfast, and eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, intake of total calories should be a day of 30%. At the same time to reduce the amount of dinner, such as the child’s hunger before bedtime can make it drink a cup of fresh milk, so that it will not increase the burden on the stomach, but also help the child’s sleep.

4, try to cook yourself as possible as you can.

Now, in order to save time, people prefer to eat outside, or directly buy semi-finished or finished food products. This kind of food is generally high in calories and fat, resulting in a large number of nutrients lost during the production process, which is easy to cause the lack of human nutrients or nutritional surplus. Therefore, we advocate a regular family diet, three meals a day, for two meals at home to solve, so that children can not only enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere, but also to improve their health.

5, cooking taste as light as possible

When do cooking, as little as possible to join the pungent spices, food should be steamed or boiled or cold way of cooking, let the baby to reduce the intake of edible oil.

6, slow down the speed of eating

Eating slowly helps children to savor the food, and to improve the endurance of hunger and appetite sensitivity, find natural stop eating point to avoid eating too much. You can also use the game method, as we compare who chewing longer, to cultivate the baby eating habits.

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