FAQ of Bathmate Hydropumps

FAQ #1: Does it pain to use Bathmate?

No, you will not hurt when wearing this Bathmate Hydropumps with proper usage, which will always keep within the safe pressure level that is much lower than the injury or danger level. For the usage guider steps, you can click here for detail information.

Attention: If you feel any pain or an uncomfortable during the process, you must stop your session immediately by turn on the release valve at the end of the tube.

FAQ #2: Can Bathmate be used without water?

Although this pump is called water based penis pump, but you can also use this pump even without water. However, what makes the difference with the air based pumps? All the advanced feature coming from water will return back to the air way. So it is no recommended to go with this method for a successful penis enlargement.

Please always keep in your minder that the warm water brings all the goods, so if there is no warm water pre-condition, it is almost meaningless to pump.


FAQ #3: 5 inches or less penis can use Bathmate?

Of course, the Bathmate can help you out of this bad situation and bring your manhood back with a bigger one. Because Bathmate designed more than 10 version, which can cover all the penis size all-around the world. So the question is that how to choose the right model for your size, please click here for detail reference. There is a general rule to follow that if you have a smaller penis size at beginning, you should go for a smaller model (such as Hercules or a Hydromax X30).

If you follow the proper daily routine usage, you will gain in both girth and length increase. According to the size increased indeed, you will need to switch to a bigger version (such as Hydromax X40 or even a Goliath).

FAQ #4: Over usage will cause any risk?

Yes, never over usage to keep any potential risk away, due to there are limits to your pumping exercises each day, especially when you are a beginner.

Following these general rules for best results and keep safe:

  • Never over 20 minutes per each day pump
  • Use it five days each week with two days off
  • More than 20hrs margin should be kept between each pumping

FAQ #5: Your testicles will be sucked into the tube when pumping? How to prevent?

I have been asked for this question for many times, and I also found many people encounter such situation. This is a common problem for the beginners, and there is a very easy way out, that stretch your scrotum when pumping to keep your balls below the gaiter.

Attention: Never put your balls into the pump tube. This may cause some serious hurt and injury issues if done improperly.

FAQ #6: Do I need to use a lube? Any compatible brand suggestion?

Normally, you don’t need any lube when you apply this Bathmate pumps, because the designer already have some innovational ideas to keep the pump sealing level. In fact, some guys prefer to add some lube on the pump base for a better seal against your skin.

Almost any type lube can be used with Bathmate Hydropumps, because this pump material is highly compatible.

FAQ #7: Bathmate need to special clean?

Do remember to clean your pump after usage, as it is necessary procedure to keep bacteria growing inside. And the cleaning is a very easy task. Put your pump in your sink which is fill with enough water, covering the whole device, then add a sterilizer tablet.

After about 10 minutes, rinse your pump with running water, and dry it with a clean towel. No other special care is needed.

FAQ #8: My Bathmate is leaking through the valve! Is it broken? Can be easily repaired?

If you find the pump is leaking any air or water through the upper release valve, you should stop pumping.

You can possible fix your pump by put the Bathmate on any flat surface such as a table, then pump all air out until it sticks on it. If this does not work, then you pump may have permanently damaged.

FAQ #9: International order is accepted? Is it discreet and worldwide shipping?

Don’t worry about the international order, because the maker delivery this product worldwide. Furthermore, due to this is male enhancement product, it is using high discreet package, which will no show what is inside.

Your orders should be shipped in just two working days and your delivery time will depend on your location.

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