Factors controlling the development of male genitalia

Factors controlling the development of male genitalia Some normal men although with normal testicular development, but their penis is relatively short, although can erection and ejaculation, but often cause abnormal psychological, and even doubt their ability problem. Although there has been scientific statistics on this issue in the male proportion, but from the hospital record data, this kind of patient is not small group.

Many experts in the field of sexual medicine show that the short penis of a male is mainly related to the following factors:

1. Genetic factors

The penis is just similar to other organs of the body, the size and morphological characteristics of genetic factors to be controlled and affected by your inside genes.

2. Nutritional status

An adult athletic man and tall, it is highly possible that his genitalia include penis, scrotal well developed, so the penis may be more big, otherwise it may be smaller. Furthermore, male penis size will not in proportion to height. Because it can often see some male height less than 1.60 meters, the penis can reach more than 18 cm after erection.

3. Some relations with the fat

If the man have much fat in the small abdomen, the pubic symphysis area and the perineum fat plump prominent, often with bad penis development, compared to the normal male’s size, the penis can be relatively shorter. Indeed, combined with the large body, this kind of short penis may bring some difficulties and unsatisfactory sexual life.

4. Related to other aspects

There are still other factors can impact male penis development during their life, such as endocrine disorders, lack of male hormone levels, the swelling of the testicles, or scrotum, and the retraction of the penis and the back of the scrotum.

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