Eye fatigue and poor eyesight, only four good food

It is often said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, a pair of bright eyes of God is not only an important guarantee of beauty, but also a manifestation of health. However, many people are now more and more do not cherish their own eyes, often lying down watching TV, playing mobile phone, some workers also need all day with the computer, and these factors are important factors causing eye fatigue. This article teach you a therapeutic eye, as long as in the diet to eat some food, can help you care your eyes, relieve eye fatigue.

1, carrot

Carrot is a very common vegetables in the diet, rich in nutritional value and high, often eat not only to health and disease prevention, but also help you improve eyesight, but also you have a pair of bright eyes. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining eye health, an important trace element.

When human body lacks vitamin A, eye eyesight will be gradually reduced, so the body of vitamin A supplementation by eating some carrots can be effective, so as to protect the eyes and prevent night blindness. At the same time, the carrot is rich in plant fiber, which is an important component required for intestinal health, rapid expansion after the substance in water, so it can play a very good laxative effect.

Eye fatigue and poor eyesight, only four good food

2, pomegranate

Pomegranate is a kind of fruit that people often eat. Pomegranate fruit can be said to be the “Queen”, which contains rich nutrients, including vitamin C and B vitamins are pomegranate more content components, the protective effect of these two substances can produce excellent eye.

In addition, the pomegranate also contain anthocyanins, which can effectively eliminate the harm of free radicals generated outside of the eye skin, and can increase the ocular vascular elasticity and smoothness, and regulation of eye fatigue, prevent eye wrinkles is more beneficial to ensure. At the same time, the pomegranate also contains rich organic acids, this substance is ingested after entering the stomach can well promote stomach food decomposition and absorption, excellent play to promote the role of digestion, the effective maintenance of gastrointestinal health.

3, Chinese wolfberry

In the Chinese wolfberry contains a wealth of corn, which can prevent ultraviolet light on the optic nerve damage caused by an important component. However, the human body cannot produce corn, only through the absorption from the food, which through the intake of Chinese wolfberry is an important guarantee to supplement the human body. Also, it is rich in carotene, vitamin A, iron and other nutrients in Chinese wolfberry, and these substances are eye health must nutrition, so often eat wolfberry can effectively play the role of eye. In addition, in order to play by eating wolfberry to green effect, the best method is simple and chewed medlar and eat it, this makes the Chinese wolfberry eye components can be released more fully. And the number of each edible Lycium can be maintained at around 200 mg, to avoid excessive tonic.

4, blueberry

Blueberry is a common fruit, eat not only can be used for a variety of nutrient supplement for the body, but also can effectively play the role of eye eyesight. Rich in anthocyanins in blueberry, the content of this material in all Vegetable & Fruit in is very high, and this kind of anthocyanins is to maintain eye health and to prevent important material visually impaired. Therefore, for some people who often use the eye, the right amount of eating blueberries can effectively improve the purpose of eye fatigue.

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