Experts warn that obesity can make male penis smaller

Experts warn that obesity can make male penis smaller All the men believe that the big penis is the key point of their sexual ability, but the Department of urology experts said that most men penis development are qualified. The length is really important to a sexual intercourse, but only if the length can be within suitable range, and in fact, most men are within this range after erection. If you really want to enlarge your penis, you can try below physical products for male enlargement, Pop Healthy Living experts highly recommend ProExtender System and Bathmate Hydropump. Besides penis length, your erection hardness and lasting duration also play important roles in a satisfied sexual intercourse. Furthermore, human sexual life is not equal to animal mating, but it is a intimate communication way, and your emotion, health, humor is the catalyst, rather than is a large penis. But looking for a bigger penis is not some bad idea.

The most popular standard: less than 5 cm when it is weak

There is a survey made on the Internet about the size of the male penis, and the result shown that nearly 70% adults highly concerned about the size. Furthermore, 20% of them want to have a magic pills which can make it immediately become bigger. In the survey, nearly 60% adults believe that the penis length should be 14~18 cm. But the reality is not as ideal as men imagination. Data show that the average length of penis erection in adult males is about 15 cm in United States, and the average erectile length of China males is about 13 cm.

According to sexology expert Ma Xiaonian, the size of the penis varies from person to person as well as the height. Just like the human body height, weight and face size are different from one to another, the man penis lengths, uneven thickness are the same. In addition, different condition will also change the penis size on the same man, such as tension, cold or severe fatigue can shorten the penis. Most people directly connect the large penis to the powerful sexual ability. Penis also need hardness and lasting duration to combine a wonderful erection.

Reminder: obese men can make penis seems smaller

Experts warn that obesity can make male penis smaller With the improvement of living standards, more and more fat people appear, and also lead a series of obesity problems, and penis shorter is one of them. The fat man’s penis short is relative shorter. In fact, the length is perfectly normal. However, the penis is covered by excessive fat around the penis, resulting in too short a penis outside.

Obese people with short penises usually affect the quality of their sexual lives. Severe penis short problems can lead to impossible normal sexual life. Losing weight is the simplest way to treat a fat man’s penis short problem. After a doctor’s assessment, it can implement with penis lengthening operation when it is necessary to do. The principle of penile lengthening operation is to cut off the penis suspensory ligament through surgery, to free the original fixed on the pubis below the penis, which can increase the effective length of the penis, general surgery can be extended 3~5 cm, the operation effect is considerable. But this operation must cut the suspensory ligament of the penis, then suture again, so it is bound to reduce the stability of the penis root.

Normally, penis related surgery is not recommended by Pop Healthy Living network experts, due to at least there is more risk when compared with male enhancement products. Check with my detail reviews of the top rated man enhancement products at the right sidebar.

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