Experts decipher why obesity will cause men smaller penis

Experts decipher why obesity will cause men smaller penis "Sexual function and obesity relationship" report pointed out that the men’s weight increased by 5 kilograms each, their penis will be shortened 1 cm. The reason for the shortening is that the outer genitalia are buried in thick fat. It is described the case of a man of 1.70 meters tall, weighs 100 kg, and he do not have sexual life due to fat problem, because his penis has back into to belly fat, only vaguely see a small section of the genitals.

Furthermore, because of the thick thighs, the inner side is close to each other and there will be more hot due to the heat produced repeatedly friction, it will lead to long-term high temperature testis, thereby reducing spermatogenesis. In addition, obesity affects male sexual function in all its aspects, including sexual postures, clumsiness, decreased libido, and difficult sexual satisfaction. Therefore, the appropriate weight loss can help men improve the quality of sexual life, restore their vitality.

Expert claimed that the sexual dysplasia from clinic, most of them are with fat problem, and the obesity affects male sexual function from various aspects. Appropriate weight loss can help men improve the quality of sexual life and restore their vitality.

Obesity can cause genital shorter from visual view

There will be much fat on the abdomen and perineum, which will embed the scrotum, and this situation makes the penis look shorter. The resulting psychological shadow is more likely to affect the sexual life than the penis short problem itself.

Experts decipher why obesity will cause men smaller penis "People like these don’t have organic problems. They just need to lose weight and increase their confidence, because men are likely to be very concerned about the length of their genitals, whether or not they express it. In fact, as long as the weight is down, the penis will naturally return to normal length states." Zhang Bin introduction, who is the expert from China.

Of course, a lot of fat kids are not only obesity, these children usually have subcutaneous fat deposits, and visceral organs are constantly fat. The fat will reduce pituitary gonadotropin secretion, affect male hormone secretion and release, resulting in androgen and estrogen in the blood imbalance, prolactin increased, endocrine disorders caused the testis and penis dysplasia, appear small penis and other symptoms." Experts indicated that some of whom are penis short and obesity coexist, some have bad testicular development, and a small number of abnormal chromosomes.

If it is a simple obesity, whether adults or children, we are recommended to carry out active exercise and strict diet control, after the weight drop to the standard value, the short genital problems will be solved automatically.

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