Excessive sex in summer easily induced impotence

005 (2)Normally, winter is the less sex season during the cold weather, due to some house is not that warm to take away the clothes. And the summer will be the active season of the sexual intercourse. When the temperature is increasing, the sexual activity will be obviously increasing, as well the rising enthusiasm of people. However, as we all know that everything should be within the limitation, and sex is also no exception. So please do not excessive sex.

We often hear about erectile dysfunction, and a lot of people are not unfamiliar to it. In general, erectile dysfunction has two different kinds, one is the abnormal body organs, but this only accounts for about 10% of the proportion. And another kind of erectile dysfunction accounted for most of the patient’s body, and not just the body organ lesions, forming a special pathological reflex.

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the kidney is the source of life. Deficiency of kidney qi, due to excessive sex, resulting in leakage of energy, kidney qi deficiency, cause the whole people feel terribly fatigued, depressed, backache leg soft, even dizziness and tinnitus, thirsty night and with much sweats, will cause insomnia and other problems, so as to lower body resistance, but also prone to the phenomenon of erectile dysfunction.

Young people should avoid excessive sex

Young people always relied on their own good physical body. In the case of sex life so frequently, the system in a long-term overload work, causing the whole system overload, sexual organs congests for a long time, not enough rest and recovery time. Finally, the system will be overwhelmed by the emergence of dysfunction, erectile function was inhibited, closed, has led to the emergence of erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation excessive will cause ED

Except the normal sexual life, in fact, if masturbation without restraint, and the harm of excessive sex life is the same. The masturbation do not need to have a great penis erection, then the normal erectile will become accustomed to this behavior, and finally developed to erectile dysfunction. When the real sexual intercourse, the penis cannot get a good erection. This will increase the psychological burden of patients, further aggravating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

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