Erectile quality is the key assurance to pleasure sex

Erectile quality is the key assurance to pleasure sex Perfect sex is a goal that everyone dreams of and continues to work toward. However, there are new changes to impact on the quality of sex around the clock, which also change the standard of pleasure sexual love. More than 30% of people chose the erection quality as the key factor to pleasure sex, according to an online survey of the sex quality decisions made by the “life times”.

The survey involved 6065 people, accounting for 69. 58% of men. Of these, only 29. 95% of people feel that their sexual life is highly satisfied, and 46. 47% of people think their sex life is just normal; 17. 82% felt not good; and 5. 76% choose not sure. In this regard, the Chinese Medical Association, director of Andrology branch of Department of Urology Peking University People’s Hospital chief physician professor Mr. Zhu think, "not sure" is in fact an evasive attitude, and its subtext is "sexual quality is not good". So, about 23% of people are not satisfied with their sex lives. This is similar to the results of other surveys.

When answering the question, "what are the key factors in sex?" 36. 74% of men chose "sex duration", 33. 45% of men chose an “erection quality”, while another 12. 67% think it’s penis size, 17. 14% thought it was "the environment". It can be found that erection quality and lasting time are the most concerned problems for men.

According to an American study, erectile hardness is directly proportional to marital sexual life, overall health and emotional satisfaction. For example, when both sides don’t satisfy the male erectile hardness, only 19% of men and 17% of women were satisfied with such sexual life; when the two sides are very satisfied with the erection hardness, sexual satisfaction also increased, the male can reach 65%, and the female was 66%.

At the same time, the higher the satisfaction degree of erectile quality, the satisfaction of husband and wife emotion also increases. When the hardness was not satisfied, 44% of men and 23% of women were satisfied with their feelings, while 72% of men and 66% of women were satisfied with their feelings of good erection hardness.

There are too many research articles that tell us that sex is a sacred thin, which need romantic music, scented candles, bath cleaner body, uninterrupted time and gentle foreplay.

In fact, these details are attracted too much attention to the couple, only the auxiliary factors in sex, the key to the quality of sexual love is the male erectile status. Without that, any fancy device would be blank speech.

Furthermore, the lasting time concerned by men also depends on erection quality. If there is no sufficient erection quality, the maintenance time is difficult to last longer, even if barely adhere to, that will not let the partner satisfied.

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