Erectile angle less than 90 degrees is impotent?

mV0145_1024x1024The Academy of traditional Chinese medicine hospital Chinese male Mr. JIAO claimed that after erection, penis and body form angle called erectile angle, which is mainly related to the penis erection pressure. The man at the age around 20 reach the maximum erection angle, and the older the erectile angle is small. This may be related to the sponge body to maintain an erection pressure, or penile ligament gradually relaxation. But because of individual differences, and physical and emotional differences among men, the same age and the same men in different situations, the erectile angle are also differences.

In normal standing position, most of the male erectile angle is greater than 90 degrees, about 20% of the male erectile angle equal to 90 degrees, and 5% less than 90 degrees, they were able to complete the sexual intercourse, sexual gratification. Therefore, we believe that as long as you can successfully complete the sexual intercourse, nobody will pursue an erectile angle. The definition of erectile dysfunction is that cannot achieve or maintain an erection sufficient, in order to obtain satisfactory sexual life, that is to say, as long as the erection hardness enough to insert the vagina or maintain an erection long enough to complete sexual intercourse, and the frequency of occurrence of more than sex 50%, that is not for the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.

The individual for erectile angle erectile dysfunction in diagnostic methods, only one aspect of the diagnosis, and not contrary to the definition. So, as long as the hardness and the life without complete erectile problems, it cannot be considered to be impotent, require no treatment.

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