Ejaculation has two major significances for women

Ejaculation means sudden pleasure for men. For women, it also has a beautifully significance.

Mr. Zhang has delayed ejaculation problems, sometimes even do not ejaculate, but he didn’t pay much attention on this point. If there is no ejaculate, the sexual life time can be longer, so the wife should be more satisfied. But there are some other situations. Through chatting with his wife, there is some complain that "we are making love, but you often fail to highlight, also do not ejaculate, do you dissatisfied with me?"

Ejaculation has two major significances for women

The ejaculation significance for women from the following two aspects:

From a physiological perspective, when male have ejaculation, the penis will have the rhythm of contraction, which can bring strong stimulation and pleasure to the close contact women. But the more important point would be the influence of psychological and emotional sides. Experienced in pleasure sexual intercourse, the male successfully get orgasm and ejaculation, and the women can get fulfillment and achievement from the experience. Because a man’s orgasm proves the women’s sexual ability. This spiritual stimulation also constitutes an important cornerstone of the quality of women sexual life.

Conversely, if the man ejaculation not appears as expected, the women might be doubting themselves and then losing confidence. For pleasure sexual life, this is definitely great poison. So, ejaculation is not just their own business for men.

Ejaculation has two major significances for women

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