Eight things should be forbidden for women’s health

Have a healthy body is the heavy capital of the people, especially the women’s health cannot be ignored, because the female body generally poorer than men, which is a common understanding problem for us. If you want to maintain a healthy body, you must understand women’s health knowledge. And the following introduced EIGHT things should be forbidden for women’s health:

Eight things should be forbidden for women's health

1, avoid drinking thick tea

The majority of occupation women have the habit of drinking tea, as tea drinking can eliminate fatigue, refreshing mind and improve work efficiency. While many of the benefits of tea, there are also many disadvantages with too theophylline. The tea is an effective stimulant of gastric acid secretion, and long-term excessive gastric acid secretion is one of the important pathogenic factors of gastric ulcer, therefore a small amount of milk and sugar should be added in tea, in order to maintain or reduce gastric mucosa.

Eight things should be forbidden for women's health

2, avoid smoking

At present, many women to smoke fashionably, in fact, there is no any benefit from smoking without harm, especially the tobacco do more serious harm to female health. According to the statistics, the rate of smoking women with heart disease is 10 times higher than normal, and also early menopause 1 to 3 years, and the pregnant women smoking produces abnormal baby is 2. 5 times than the non-smokers. Furthermore, the young women smoking can inhibit the facial blood circulation, and speed up the appearance of aging.

Eight things should be forbidden for women's health

3, avoid to drink

Occupation women at work will always encounter some setbacks and combat, so some people tend to drink to drunk to forget the bad situation temperately, or to drink alcohol as a kind of fashionable behavior of modern way of life. Drinking large amounts of alcohol will damage the nervous system, which is very dangerous.

Eight things should be forbidden for women's health

4, avoid changing

Because of wide exposure for occupation women, they will encounter a variety of men, including some of the best ones. If do not have good moral cultivation, extramarital will affair, which will often results in family problem or even divorce.

Sociologist conducted a survey in Japan: compare with the family happiness, the divorced women shorten the life of 5 years. Remember: loyalty and happy marriage is the best recipe for health and beauty.

Eight things should be forbidden for women's health

5, avoid overworked

With the increasingly fierce competition, the modern occupation women working rhythm is faster, so the mental easily lead to great pressure, and the mental and physical overload is detrimental to health. If you do not pay attention to rest and adjustment, the central nervous system remain in a state of tension will cause extreme psychological reaction, in the course of time can lead to enhanced sympathetic excitement, endocrine disorders, produce a variety of physical and mental diseases.

Therefore, occupation women should pay attention to ease the tension, balance the work and rest and adhere to physical exercise.

Eight things should be forbidden for women's health

6, avoid sad depression

The troubles of life can hardly be avoided, so it is not a good idea to let the pressure and the sad worry in the heart. Long time bad mood will directly affect your health.

7, avoid blindly weight loss

Love beautiful is the nature desire for everyone, especially the female occupation. Many women make every attempt to lose their body fat, such as by slimming tea, diet and other kinds of weight loss measures. You may loss some of your weight, but you also loss your body healthy.

Eight things should be forbidden for women's health

8, avoid heavy make-up

Occupation female need necessary proper make-up because of their job needs, but should not wear heavy make-up. No matter how high-grade the current sale of cosmetics on the market, they are most chemical composition, including mercury, lead and a lot of preservatives, although it can temporarily cover the stain, but just a temporary solution.

Eight things should be forbidden for women's health

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