Eight negative performance of long time single woman

The first signal: you find that all men have problems

If the women be single for long time, they will be fastidious. They can find faults in every man, but in fact most of the criticisms don’t have realistic foundation. Even if the conduct of good man, you can also find some problems, such as dressing, large pores, don’t love watch entertainment news, save money.

Maybe you have thought yourselves as a senior critic illusion. More likely, you are afraid of the pursuit of the opposite sex.

Eight negative performance of long time single woman

The second signal: unceasingly shy in front of the opposite sex

Why don’t you contact with male friends? The best explanation is that you don’t know how to be yourself in front of them. When you are with a male for a long time, you may over this relationship with some unreasonable practices. For example, you may ask for some tight underwear when the third date.

The third signal: always think too much

Unfortunately, you are living in the vain imagination that all the men are in love with you.

When the automobile waiters in the restaurant handed burger and fries to you and said: "I wish you happiness." You heard was: "I want you now." When the elevator man pay a little more attention on your face, then you may think it is a soul communication passion gaze, and began to imagine two people in the closet pornographic scene immediately.

Every gesture of goodwill and polite nod may let you feel love, and it seems that each round you will win.

Eight negative performance of long time single woman

The fourth signal: people think you are lesbian

You never stay in the men’s side, and also do not show interest in them, so people will think you have other sexual orientation. Since you spend all your time with female friends rather than dating, what do you expect others to think?

The fifth signals: hope in technology

You gave up looking for a real man, but hope that the global advanced technology can bring one for you. You excitedly concern each point of the development of biological engineering field.

You may be aware of the hidden desire, but in general it is hidden in the subconscious. We must change this idea, because it is not healthy.

Eight negative performance of long time single woman

The sixth signal: addicted to love soap operas

To admit that your biggest entertainment is love soap operas. Fantasize that you are the number one of the TV show, with the perfect love result.

The seventh signal: powerful women

If you are single for long time, you will become more and more independent and become strong woman. A variety of life details need your own hard work. As time passes, you character becomes the same as men.

The 8 signal: despair

Loneliness is very bad, but the desperate is worse. There are signs can be seen, despair like a huge variety of octopus, entrenched in your mind. No matter what you think, this is actually little romance. Of course, there are other potential indications. Take the inflatable doll as partner.

Eight negative performance of long time single woman

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