Eight memorable romance "bed date"

The sex between husband and wife should be beautiful, harmonious, and only the harmonious sexual love can survive between husband and wife feelings, and can become the regulator of emotive of husband and wife, so “sex in bed” is very important. The following article will introduce eight memorable eight bed data, so do you have some of them?

Eight memorable romance "bed date"

1 travel back

Memorial reason: do you understand the sex will be more romantic when you come back with outdoor trip every time? Watch romantic adult movies, and then make a wonderful sex love.

Tonight, try this: whether you go out eight days or eight minutes, to imitate this passion. Kiss over his face, licking her lips, kiss her lower lip, as some studies have considered the lower lip and privates neural induction of the female is connected.

2 wedding night

Memorial reason: it is her most beautiful day, and with a husband she will feel a sense of security.

Write down a sexy message on her body in the early morning with a ballpoint pen, because the woman is very easy excited by text.

Eight memorable romance "bed date"

3 after the quarrel

Memorial reason: you make a hullabaloo quarrel, may also broken some of the dishes. Maybe the bedroom will be more intense. Because when people angry, both sides of the hormone will increase, if with such high levels of testosterone and anger into the bedroom, your desire will be higher.

You can make a bitter quarrel, but don’t really hurt each other. Maybe you can try the body collision, such as miniature golf, pillow fight or nude wrestling, but remember to her win.

4 her first sex love

Memorial reason: because it is the first time, your senses will be mobilized. And because every man has a unique process, but when this process change with new girl friend, they will be more exciting.

Maybe tonight is not your first time, but the key is to mobilize all the senses, or at least in another way to stimulate them.

5 birthday sex love

Memorial reason: you always think to prepare gift or surprise in the birthday, perhaps the romantic sex love is the best gift.

Eight memorable romance "bed date"

6 after break up sex love

Memorial reason: you have made the decision to separate, but the last date will not cause any damage to both sides. Of course you feel are sure different. And from the body viewpoint, the study found that in this last type sex love, a man’s sperm hormones will change, and this change will make the other side spontaneously ovulation. In other words, you have subconsciously made her excited, even if you don’t want to do this. From the psychological, when you know that this is your last time, so you will be unscrupulously and more relaxed.

7 pregnant type sex love

Memorial reason: many couples are more nervous in the first attempt to make children, because they have been trying contraception, but now decided to be parents.

8 sex love holiday

Memorial reason: first of all, you have no pressure from all sides, such as work, money and other things. But due to the surrounding environment changes, your sexual desire will increase greatly. From simple to luxury, you can be on vacation every day.

Eight memorable romance "bed date"

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