Eight major events will decrease men’s fertility

The men who look powerful actually may be not necessarily healthy. As apple always blet from the heart to outside, so if men do not pay attention to their body health and women also do not understand the situation, then men’s health will be problem. The following EITHT things should be forbidden on the men.

Eight major events will decrease men’s fertility

First things: the awkward sexy tight underwear

Crick received a sweet gift from Ling Jie in the Valentine’s Day, which is pretty tight underwear, and it can fit body outline a fascinating arc.

May lead to problems: testicular sperm production difficulties

Sperm is very fragile, which place needs slightly lower 1 ℃ than other parts of the body temperature. The long-term wearing tights will affect the temperature of the scrotum, resulting in temperature regulation disorder, forming higher temperature condition, so it will inhibit the ability of testicular sperm production, and further affects male fertility.

Solution: should choose comfortable, good permeability, health material underpants.

Eight major events will decrease men’s fertility

Second things: multi sexual partners life.

Crick is definitely a good husband, with loyal and considerate after marriage, but before the wedding he had spent a ridiculous years with many sexual partners.

May lead to problems: the deficiency of the kidney essence

If the sex life is excessive or have too many sexual partners, it will appear a series of physiological and psychological problems.

Solution: sharing a harmonious specific sex and love.

Eight major events will decrease men’s fertility

Third things: only eat what they like.

As a partial eclipse picky epicure, Crick is very happy with his wife’s cooking, but it also made his only eat what he likes.

May lead to problems: synthetic sperm material is not enough

Only the healthy body men can produce high quality, sufficient quantity, full of vigor and vitality of sperm, so the daily intake of food should include the production of material (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and non production material (cellulose trace elements, water and dietary fiber), and the element zinc plays an important role.

Solution: a balanced diet, eating mushrooms, black fungus, red meat and other zinc more containing elements food.

Eight major events will decrease men’s fertility

Fourth things: high frequent hot water bath

For a certain time, Crick like a hot bath after work, and it is very comfortable after a day of busy work to remove the weary, tired.

May lead to problems: sperm "heatstroke" problem and sperm density decreased

Too frequent hot bubble bath or hot bath soak for too long time will affect sperm quality. According to the records, if 3 consecutive days of hot bath in 43~44 ℃ water for more than 20 minutes, the sperm density will decline to 10000000 / ml even all the normal human before, and 3 weeks cannot to come over.

Solution: control your bath time which should not too long, and the temperature should be not too high.

Eight major events will decrease men’s fertility

Fifth things: the high payment chemical company job

Now Crick is working for a chemical company, and the salary is quite good, but is often exposed to toxic, harmful substances, occasional radiation ray.

May lead to problems: little, no sperm or dead sperm

Sperm is the male reproductive cells, produced by the male gonad testis. As everyone knows that there are some special work will have a bad effect on fertility, such as radiation can cause sperm deformity, toxic substances (including heavy metals, pesticides, poisons, chemicals etc.) will kill the sperm.

Solution: try to avoid damage to the body by the environment pollution, at least before pregnancy.

Eight major events will decrease men’s fertility

Sixth things: don’t use condoms

Crick doesn’t like to use condoms, because he wants to pursue zero distance pleasure, and thought the use of condoms will bring trouble.

May lead to problems: cause autoimmune infertility

A condom can not only to protect women’s health, such as some sexual transmission diseases intrusion, but also a prerequisite for security conception. Because the condom used in accurate contraception, but at the same time also reduce the risk of cross infection to protect the genital health. The condom will be the good choice for young people. Compared with the pill, the condoms get the minimum effect on your body health.

Solution: before to prepare for a baby, please use a condom.

Eight major events will decrease men’s fertility

Seventh things: social activity brings trouble

There will be a routine medical examination ranged by the company every year, but Crick always thinks he is in good health, so he don’t pay much attention on this thing in heart, but the results found abnormal liver function.

May lead to problems: infectious hepatitis

Hepatitis is a general appellation of inflammation of the liver disease, and the infectious hepatitis includes A and B, C, D, E different lesions, respectively, via the fecal mouth, blood, humoral, mother infant and other means of communication, and the infected can appear icteric, liver abnormal function.

Solution: further "hepatitis serum markers" to assist in the diagnosis.

Eighth things: embarrassed gray mood.

Maybe caused by the too heavy work pressure, Crick always be out of spirits in recent days.

May lead to problems: endocrine disorders

Solution: keep the mood cheerful, embrace the love and life.

Eight major events will decrease men’s fertility

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