Eight magical curative effects of kiss

Do you know that the kissing in the natural therapy also plays an undeniable significance role? The lips and tongue are the root touch feeling of terrestrial anima, so they are the important sensory organs in the human body. Kiss can not only stimulate both side feelings, also can cause orgasm. This has a number of interesting curative effects.

Eight magical curative effects of kiss

1, promote blood circulation:

When kissing, man’s heart rises to 110 beats per minute, and a woman’s heart rises to 108 beats per minute, which can promote blood circulation.

2, increase the vitality of the human body:

After kissing, people become more active and energetic than previous, increase the vitality of the human body.

3, beauty:

When people fall in the enjoyment of the tongue kissing, there will be more than 38 muscles were mobilized, such as face, mouth and jaw, and so on. So often kiss can remove wrinkles, and prevent the formation of wrinkles, so the kissing has become the cosmetics.

Eight magical curative effects of kiss

4, weight loss:

A two minute kissing can consume 15 calories, so kiss for long time may help you lose weight.

5, eliminate tension, increase pleasure:

Kissing can eliminate tension, depression, frustration and fear. People know clearly the reason that when the lips and tongue interaction, pancreatic accelerated insulin secretion, adrenocorticotropic hormone adrenaline. All this put the body into a pleasant state, because of the large amount of released neuropeptide, which can inhibit the negative nervous sex hormone cortisol. So when people kiss will feel absolutely super pleasant.

Eight magical curative effects of kiss

6, deal with pain:

The German study shows that, when kissing more passionate, the body will secrete more endorphins which have anesthetic effects, so a kiss produced hormone can play a piece of analgesic drugs.

7, relieve muscle spasm of the diaphragm:

This benefit is know by only few people. As the kiss with relieving spasm role, so when people put their heart when kissing can quickly eliminate annoying hiccup phenomenon. Obviously, kissing can improve both male and female sex hormones produce in the body.

8, prevent dental caries and periodontal disease:

Because of the tight factor can be inhibited by kissing, so it can also be stressful factor neutralizing saliva, which will change the oral environment. The French dentists say that kissing can prevent dental caries and periodontal disease in some way.

Eight magical curative effects of kiss

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