Eight helpful advices from gynecologist for women

1 don’t be shy when doing the gynecological examination

Yale University School of medicine Department of gynecology and obstetrics clinical medicine Professor Marie Jane said that there is no difference between the obstetrics and gynecology doctors for gynecological examination on the patients and the other parts of the body check, so women should not be shy. Acceptance inspection should dispel concerns, as long as there is no pain or discomfort, and then you will have nothing to worry about.

Eight helpful advices from gynecologist for women

2 doctors do not judge the private life of patients

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Houston Medical College Pamela Behrens at the University of Texas said, when the obstetrics and gynecology doctors ask patients about how many sexual partners, it is not related to the patient’s private lives. If you have multiple sexual partners, it is better to get an annual examination of uterine membrane (usually every three years) and Chlamydia screening.

3 Pap smear should frequently check

Dr. Behrens said that the Pap smears check is crucial to the diagnosis of cervical cancer and other diseases. Therefore, you should tell the doctor about the body information, personal medical history and lifestyle. The specific circumstances on the basis of a recent Pap smear examination result and the history of individual circumstances, even if the check without any problem, it does not mean that you should miss the annual examination.

Eight helpful advices from gynecologist for women

4 contraceptive measures have side effects

Dr. Behrens said, there is not one contraceptive measures do not have side effects. But the particular women, there may have the best contraceptive measures. Under normal condition, it needs at least 3 months of probation to find its result. In addition, although the pregnancy rates decrease with the increase of age, but it is still possible before menopause. Over 40 women, the use of condoms contraception is absolutely safe.

5 don’t choose caesarean section

Except the breech delivery and other special conditions, it is better not to choose a cesarean section. First baby choose a cesarean section, and there will be higher risk complications from the second baby. Some women choose caesarean section because of fear of body deformation.

Eight helpful advices from gynecologist for women

6 sexual desire low is rarely hormone problems

Obstetrics and gynecology doctors Dr. Shinseki said that the female low sexual desire is closely related with the life style and emotional factors. After giving birth to the child, feel exhaustion of body and mind; problems of the relationship between husband and wife; feel the husband don’t pay enough attention, all these will hurt the female sex feeling. In fact, many menopausal women have normal and satisfied sexual life.

7 don’t get nervous if menstrual date change

Dr. Behrens said that even the most healthy women may also appear menstruation changes. When the doctor asked "menstruation normal?", unless your menstruation become unpredictable, or it can all be considered as normal. Some women will misunderstand the "the normal menstruation" "as a particular menstruation day each month. Obstetrics and gynecology doctors said, if excessive blood, menstrual cramps, flatulence and breast sensitive, can take painkillers appropriate. If the disease is not alleviated, it is best to see a doctor.

8 note abnormal vaginal secretions

Dr. Behrens said that two non sexually transmitted disease in women is common fungal infections and bacterial vaginosis. However, symptoms and treatment of these two diseases are not the same. Fungal infection can cause itching and burning. Vaginal secretions appear thicker watery cheese. The bacterial vaginitis is due to the body’s natural flora imbalance caused by secretion, and the vaginal secretions appear fishy, gray or yellow.

Eight helpful advices from gynecologist for women

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