Eight great foods can discharge body toxin

1 agaric

The agaric tastes sweet, which has detoxification effect and stop bleeding and other effects. The agaric is rich in carbohydrates, glioma, brain phospholipids, cellulose, glucose, xylose, lecithin, beta carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin 11C, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, so it is known as the “king of the vegetables”.

A vegetable jelly in agaric has stronger adsorption force, so it can absorb the residual dust and debris from the human digestive system, and then eliminated from the body, which play a role in detoxification effect.

Eight great foods can discharge body toxin

2 honey

Honey is sweet, and it is good nutrition for your body since long time ago. Honey is rich in vitamin B2, C, and fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, high-quality protein, potassium, sodium, iron, natural flavors, lactic acid, malic acid, amylase, oxidase and other components and detoxification effects.

The modern medical research shows that the main components of honey are glucose and fructose, which can be easily absorbed by the body. Eat honey can emit toxins, and is also good for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and neurasthenia.

Eight great foods can discharge body toxin

3 carrots

Carrots are rich in carbohydrates, fat, volatile oil, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, anthocyanins, carotene, calcium, iron and other nutrients.

Modern medicine has proved that the carrot is effective detoxification food. It is not only rich in carotene, but also  contains a lot of vitamin A and pectin, which can combine the mercury ions in body, so it can effectively lower blood concentrations of mercury ions, to accelerate the body the discharge of mercury ions.

Eight great foods can discharge body toxin

4 bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is rich in protein, carbohydrates, crude fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid, carotene, calcium, iron and other ingredients.

Modern medical study found that there is an obvious anti-cancer active protein, and this protein can stimulate the body’s immune system defenses, increasing the activity of immune cells to clear the body harmful substances.

Eight great foods can discharge body toxin

5 kelp

Kelp is rich in alginate, mannitol, protein, fat, carbohydrate, crude fiber, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients. Particularly rich in iodine, which is very good for human body health, and it can treat illness caused by goiter and iodine deficiency.

It contains rich proteins, including eight kinds of amino acids. Kelp iodide absorbed by the body, can accelerate discharging the exudates from disease, and it can also lower blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, promote the role of excretion of harmful substances. At the same time, kelp also contains a substance called sulfated polysaccharide, which can absorb the cholesterol in blood vessels, and discharge out of body, so it is good to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

Eight great foods can discharge body toxin

6 tea

Chinese is the hometown of tea, and tea are very popular during people daily life.

Tea is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B1, nicotinic acid, amino acids and a variety of enzymes. Modern medical research shows that the tea is rich in a kind of active substance such as tea polyphenols, which is great function in detoxification. Tea polyphenols is a natural antioxidant, scavenging oxygen free radicals, can delay aging and physical health.

Eight great foods can discharge body toxin

7 mung bean

Mung bean is rich in vitamin B, glucose, protein, amylase, oxidase, iron, calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients. Usually eating mung bean soup can help the body excrete toxins, and promote the body’s normal metabolism.

Many people after eating greasy, fried or hot food, it is prone to get skin itching or acne and other symptoms. Mung bean is a powerful detoxifying effect, so you can lift a variety of toxins. Modern medical research has proved that the mung beans can lower cholesterol, and also have hepatoprotective and anti allergic effects.

Eight great foods can discharge body toxin

8 apples

Apple is rich in pectin, so it can help regulate the intestinal peristalsis. It contained fiber can help to clean the body waste. Compared with other fruits, there is almost no fat in apples, also does not contain the protein, and also very low in calories.

Eight great foods can discharge body toxin

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