Eight benefits of perfect sex

Many people think that sex is purely for the purpose of giving vent to each other’s sexual desire. And for some people, sex is the unique path for product next generation. There is no more benefits they can think about. In fact, this idea is no totally correct, sexual love occupy a large part of the space in your marriage. Today pop healthy living network would like to show you other EIGHT benefits of perfect sex.

Sexual behavior has been playing a very important role in the long history of human development. Sex pleasure is also accompanied by a major event in your daily life. Generally speaking, harmonious sex has following EIGHT advantages, each one should be paid attention to.

1, The most basic way to produce next generation

According to a US study, the couple who has sexual harmony, can give birth to healthy children, but also cultivate children’s good understanding of marriage in imperceptible, reducing the chance of the crime, psychological disorders and other aspects problems.

Eight benefits of perfect sex

2, Can reduce anxiety, depression and other bad emotions

Couple with long separation in two places, or widowed, divorced for many years, who can easy surfer with insomnia, loss of appetite, unsociable and eccentric, this is the performance of sexual repression. During sex, human body will release a endorphins, which is a natural sedative and analgesic that will give the nervous system to create a relaxed, worry free environment, to reduce anxiety, depression, etc..

3, To extend the couple life

There is evidence indicated that couple with harmonious sex live longer than single and divorced couples. Therefore, longevity is often closely related to pleasure marriage and harmonious sex. During the sex activity, it can stretch the pelvis, limbs, joints, muscles and spine, promote blood circulation, increased hormone secretion, enhance heart function and vital capacity; also can make the female skin smooth, delicate, and prevent skin diseases. In addition, semen is a natural antibiotic, which can prevent the female genital tract infection; sexual secretion of some hormones can also ease dysmenorrheal.

4, An important means of conveying love

Sex is an important means for couples to express their feelings and convey their love. Love is the best lubricant for a happy family. Mutual attraction on the body, psychological interdependence, emotional interdependence, these are all the important part of sexual life.

5, Strengthen the marital relationship

Generally speaking, sex is a kind of instinct and need of life, just like people need to eat when they are hungry, and need to sleep when they feel sleepy. Although the sex desire is not the exactly the same as the three meals a day, and it can be more easy to control than other body need. In the real life, the unharmonious sex life is just like a hidden timer bomb in the body, which can break out anytime.

6, Relieve stress

Sex can reduce the pressure of living, and it also plays a very important role to the health of women, and can make you look more youthful, even helps to keep slim.

7, Sex is also good for your skin

Gentle relaxation sex can reduce the risk of people suffering from dermatitis, rashes and freckles. The sweat produced during sex can clean pores, so that the skin will be much more radiant.

8, Sex is a great safe sports

Sex is one of the safest sports you can do. Different sex posture can stretch every muscle. Sexual activity can be compared to swimming, running, and can enhance your feelings of your partner.

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