Egg miraculous usage tips for you

Egg is a nutritional supplement in the eyes of many cheap and effective holy goods.

No matter how to cook the egg, the nutritional value is equal? Nutrition experts answer is No, fried Poached Egg nutrition is not too high, do not recommend eating too much; and the fried Poached Egg selling in fast-food restaurant, due to its processing and transport process are more susceptible to bacteria. Consumers should be long-term consumption, the liver and kidney will cause damage.

In fact, from the nutritional point of view, Poached Egg after high temperature frying, nutrient loss is relatively large, so we do not advocate nutritionists often eat Poached Egg.

Egg miraculous usage tips for you

In addition to eating too much eggs will increase the burden of liver and kidney

The human body needs 8 essential amino acids, eat 1 to 2 eggs a day can meet the needs. Because the body has no need, will not be absorbed and used, it will be converted into fat accumulation in the body or as the heat is wasted in vain. And those who eat into the egg, the protein catabolism products will increase the burden on the liver, metabolized in the body produced by a large number of nitrogenous waste, but also to be excreted through the kidneys, will directly increase the burden on the kidneys, so eat too much egg on the liver and kidney were negative.

The therapeutic method of nourishing the liver:

Seaweed egg roll. Raw materials: kelp 100g, 2 egg, soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, pepper oil, sesame oil, salt and a little.

1 fresh kelp carefully cleaned, cut into 20CM of the strip, and then cut into a wide 4cm of the film. The pot boil water with salt, kelp pot boil for 10 minutes.

2 cooked kelp fish with cold water too cold. Three

3 Egg into the bowl with salt dispersing, will be divided into a share of egg shells, cut and almost the size of kelp, kelp flat, covered with shells, roll up slowly with the toothpick can be fixed. Often eat, the best effect of protecting liver.

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