Eating the wrong orange is easy to get orange disease

Many people love to eat the sweet and sour orange, and autumn is the orange season. But you should know that the oranges cannot be eaten too much. And eat improperly, it is easy to lead to orange disease. How can we eat oranges in healthy way?

Be careful, don’t eat more oranges.

Orange, don’t look at it contains water most, it tastes sweet and sour. In fact, it contains more calories, if you eat too much, it is easy to get inside hot, which can lead stomatitis, periodontitis and other symptoms. Furthermore it can also lead the mouth sores, dry throat pain, mouth parched and tongue scorched and dry stool etc..

For those who are not too good gastrointestinal function, eating too much orange can easy to cause stomach trouble. And, eat more oranges, but also prone to “orange disease”, such as the phenomenon of skin yellowing.

Eating the wrong orange is easy to get orange disease

How to eat oranges in healthy way

1, eat 1-3 orange a day is appropriate

Doctors suggest that eating oranges should be limited, eating 1-3 a day is appropriate, not only to meet the needs of a person a day of vitamin C, and will not affect the health of the body.

2, before meals or fasting should not eat oranges

Orange contains a certain amount of organic acids, in order to avoid organic acids on the gastric mucosa to stimulate the cause of discomfort, it is recommended not to eat oranges on an empty stomach.

3, pay attention to do not take together with milk

The protein in milk will have reaction with the acid and vitamin C in orange, solidified into a block, not only affect the digestion, but also cause abdominal pain, abdominal distension, diarrhea and other problems. So it is recommend to eat oranges within an hour before or after drinking milk.

4, pay attention to do not take together with the radish

Radish into the human body will produce a sulfate, and the production of sulfur acid after metabolism, which is a kind of anti-thyroid substances. If you eat oranges at the same time, oranges into the human body will produce acid and ferulic acid, they can enhance the inhibitory effect of sulfur acid on the thyroid gland, which can induce or cause goiter.

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