Eating ripe bananas may increase constipation

Picking bananas, it cannot be great mature, but the banana is still green. Normally, bananas are generally after ripening, although not born banana astringent taste. However, the tannic acid composition in bananas still exists. Tannic acid has very strong convergence function, which causes constipation.

The astringency in bananas make poo harden

As we all know, unripe banana with a green skin. This kind banana can acerbity swallow. Ripe bananas, astringency disappeared, soft waxy sweet taste better. This kind of tastes is caused by a large number of tannic acid. In addition to the effects of tannic acid taste, but also has a strong convergence effect, which can form the dry feces and then causes constipation.

Eating ripe bananas may increase constipation

And so on, some people say that eating apples can treat diarrhea, which is the same reason. Apple is rich in tannic acid, especially unripe, the tannic acid content is high. A large amount of tannic acid into the human body, can reduce intestinal secretion and make the moisture inside defecate decreases, and diarrhea. But if you don’t have diarrhea, people who eat too much apple can cause constipation.

The appearance of a black pots banana can help relieve constipation

Then bananas when to eat for digestion excretion better? In fact, only the ripe bananas can have this function. In general, bananas placed in ventilated place to store to the skin black, but the inside texture did not change is the best moment.

In addition, not to eat more vegetables and fruits and other foods containing dietary fiber to help ease constipation. If the excess intake will cause flatulence and abdominal pain, gastrointestinal function of poor eating but will cause irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. Also not all foods rich in dietary fiber has a role, such as yam, it is warm, eat more but aggravate constipation, but also affect other nutrients such as calcium absorption.

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