Eating below 7 kinds of food to get a happy feeling

There are a variety of ways to find happiness in our daily life, and through the diet to get happiness is one of the best way. The following is the pop healthy living network recommended happiness food.


Nuts are the natural source of a variety of vitamins, especially walnuts are rich in oleic acid, which can reduce the risk of depression.

Eating below 7 kinds of food to get a happy feeling


Oysters are rich in vitamin B12, which can protect the constantly. The disease caused loss of myelin will damage the sensory, behavior, cognitive and other functions.

Red bean

Red beans are one of the highest levels of antioxidants and help the brain to be healthy.

Purple sweet potato

Purple sweet potato is rich in iodine, and this kind of nutrients is the key to the thyroid gland normal work. Thyroid problems can lead to a person’s mood, energy supply, etc..

Eating below 7 kinds of food to get a happy feeling


Sugar beet contains betaine, which is the key to the generation of nerve transfer medium. And the sugar beet leaf is rich in urine, the Harvard University researchers found that it can prevent depression.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene, which is associated with a reduced risk of cognitive impairment in the elderly. And sweet potato is rich in vitamin B6, which can be used for the treatment of emotional disorders.


Studies have shown that by eating yogurt to get enough probiotics can help reduce the associated with the anxiety associated with brain cell activity, enhance the well-being.

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