Eat this can fast healing chapped lips during dry winter

Winter is very dry time, so it is also very easy to appear wound problem. So how to protect yourself during the long dry winter time? Diet conditioning can be a good way to get this target, and look at the introduction of pop healthy living network.

What to eat can speed up the wound healing? The wound healing speed can be accelerated through the diet, are you feeling incredible?

Eat this can fast healing chapped lips during dry winter

Vitamin A to accelerate wound healing

Lack of vitamin A will impede wound healing, due to the vitamin A plays an important role in cell differentiation, epithelial into fibroblast proliferation and collagen, and vitamin A has antioxidant effect, whitening skin, plays a dual role in the wound healing, so want to let the wound healing fast, eat more foods containing vitamin A: animal liver, egg yolk, carrots, tomatoes, milk.

Zinc can promote wound healing

A certification authority, before and after the operation, zinc favorable wound healing, because zinc is required to metabolize a variety of enzyme activation factor, involved in human body fat and protein and ribonucleic acid synthesis and metabolism, is conducive to the growth of epidermal cell division, accelerate the wound granulation tissue formation, but also can prevent infection. Containing zinc foods includes: beef, liver, kidney and so on, walnuts, peanuts and other nuts, and legumes such as beans, broad beans, etc., and can also through zinc preparations to supplement, such as rare treasure card of treasured zinc and selenium, the third generation of protein zinc containing, rapid zinc supplementation to accelerate wound healing.

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