Eat more 3 black food, eat less 3 white food

There is a saying in Arabia: “if you have health, there will be hope. If you have hope, there will be everything”. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you should pay more attention to usual diet. You need to eat the right thing as well as nutritious, which need much patience. For health, there is a way: eat less “three white food”, eat more “three black food”.

What is “three white”? Refers to the salt, sugar and fat, these three kinds of food should eat less.

Eating too much salt can lead to increased blood pressure, blood vessels, but also increase the burden on the kidneys. In general, the daily intake of salt should keep less than 6 grams. Sugar is essential to the human body, but excessive intake can cause high blood pressure, obesity, liver function damage, etc..

Eat more 3 black food, eat less 3 white food

When cooking, use cream soup, sweet and salty taste shallow ground floor shops in the surface of the food can satisfy the appetite, and not sugar, salt intake of excess.

Animal fat will increase the hardening of the blood vessels, increase cholesterol, so it cannot eat too much, but also cannot do not eat. Under the premise of 25 ~30 grams per person per day of edible oil, vegetable oil and animal fat is appropriate with 10:7.

The “three black food” refers to mushroom, black fungus, black rice

Mushrooms can be anti-cancer, anti-aging, especially the mushrooms, which has dissolution of cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, serum cholesterol, prevent osteoporosis function. It is highly recommend to dish of green vegetable with mushrooms. And the black fungus is also natural anticoagulant efficacy blood, which can promoting blood circulation, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis. But it is advised that one week eat about 2 times. The inky black rice with black appearance, and so rich in nutrient contents, name after “the Black Pearl” and “the king of world rice”, especially suitable for waist sour knee soft, weakness in the limbs of the elderly, so black and “medicine meter” said. The black rice boiled fresh and shiny, soft waxy taste of black rice, easy digestion and absorption, but also has very good nourishing effect.

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