Eat fruit wrong will hurt your health

Summer is the fruit mature season, and the various kinds of fruit is a great enjoyment for people, but it also said if you eat fruit in wrong way, it will also hurt your body health. Is this true? Experts pointed out that when accept the News interview, in fact some fruit should not eat too much, and if the daily intake is in the recommended range, there will be no big problem. Hyperglycemia people should be relatively special, who are not suitable for high sugar contained fruit.

Eat fruit wrong will hurt your health

There is one old Chinese saying that “Peach is good, apricot will hurt, plum is much worse”, and it may be a scientific truth. Experts said, in fact, some fruit should not eat too much has several meanings.

Fruit intake time without strict requirements

Judging from the present situation, the general population actually fruit intake is not enough, so there is no strict limit on the fruit eating time.

The intake of fruits can also be divided into distinction. For the general family, eating a little fruit after meal, and this is conducive to maintaining the nutritional balance. When you are in the big rich meals, you should take some fruit to avoid eating too much meat. From the viewpoint of the absorption effect and eating habits, it is generally not recommended immediately eating fruit after a meal, and some experts also suggested in between the two meals, to avoid excessive intake of food.

Eat fruit wrong will hurt your health

There will be no any danger of 200-400 grams per day

First of all, from the viewpoint of nutritionally, recommend people daily intake of 200-400 grams of fruit, and there are not special requirements on the species, but the best advice people can reach 1-3 kinds. According to the need of human experience, consumption and personal, with around 0.5 kg per person per day will be better.

On the other hand, the recommendation is only for the general population, but for the high glucose group is special.

Eat fruit wrong will hurt your health

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