Eat 2 or 3 times steam food a week to keep away from chronic diseases

Vegetables are an integral part of the people in the daily diet food, and have a lot of different cooking methods, such as frying, braising, stewing, choking, and so on, but there is a unique approach to vegetable cooking called steaming food. How to do it? What is the nutritional value?

This steaming basic approach is washed leaves first, and then cut into about 125px, let the leaves keep a little water, sprinkle with a little oil. Stir in a little salt, mixed with appropriate flour can be steam, so simple. Of course, you can also use the root class of leafy vegetables, such as carrot etc.

Eat 2 or 3 times steam food a week to keep away from chronic diseases

Steamed dishes making even very simple, looks like is not as the current popular dishes as colorful eye-catching, but the nutritional value is extremely high reasons following:

1, steamed vegetables belong to low temperature cooking, less loss of nutrients.

2, convenient, green health, dietary fiber is more easily digested and absorbed.

3, the taste is light, less seasoning, help to develop a light diet habits, say goodbye to the heavy taste.

4, the balance of nutrients, steamed vegetables with flour, you can provide carbohydrates.

5, rich in dietary fiber content, help to reduce blood lipids, discharge of toxins in the gut.

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