Drink red dates and edible fungus porridge to deal with pale yellow

For many women, skin color dark yellow, although not accompanied by physical discomfort, but always look very distressed. How to do with the pale yellow issue? When the internal organs of human body is lack of blood, it will lusterless complexion on the skin and face color.

In order to achieve the purpose of purifying blood and nourishing blood, a prescription is very suitable, which is very simple and daily life.

Drink red dates and edible fungus porridge to deal with pale yellow

Take 30 grams of red dates, 20 grams of black fungus, and 100 grams of rice, soaking black fungus and nuclear jujube cooked porridge, and eating at the morning and night time. The materials is all homely food, which we all know, due to the most homely food are the gift from nature for the best survival for long life. Grain is the seed of the plant, every single tiny seeds can grow big plants, and can multiply constantly, so every single seeds have great vitality. Food is alive, and it can raise people. The vigor of the seed is the biggest, we eat the innumerable seeds for a meal. So, the biggest effect usually comes from the most home cooked food.

In addition, exercise can make better blood flow and circulation. Therefore, exercise is the best way to make blood flow up, walking, fitness, swimming and so are very good exercise. However, exercise perseverance. Recommend to everyone a brisk walking fitness, the method is simple, good health effect. Choose a round of the venue, the first step forward to walk 3 laps, and then go back to take 3 laps, physical good people can walk more laps.

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