Don’t eat these thing even you are in hungry

The following four kinds of fruit skin is absolutely not to eat.

Sweet potato skin – damage to the liver

The sweet potato is long term growth under the ground, so its skin is direct contact with the earth, so many harmful substances will be absorbed in the sweet potato skin, and the sweet potato skin contains more alkali, eating too much can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Potato skin – chronic poisoning

The potato skin contains the most toxic substances is Glycoalkaloid, if mistakenly eat will cause eating poisoning. Due to chronic poisoning, so early symptoms is not obvious or no sign, often do not get attention, but long-term eating is great harm to the body.

Don’t eat these thing even you are in hungry

Persimmon skin – stomach injury

Immature persimmon skin contains tannic acid, causing damage to the stomach mainly exists in persimmon meat; when ripe persimmon, persimmon tannin will focus on the skin.

Tannic acid under the action of gastric acid, will have a combined transamination sediment — persimmon stone and protein in food, the body caused by abdominal discomfort, bloating, and loss of appetite. At the same time to remind you, do not empty stomach to eat persimmon.

Ginkgo biloba skin – damage nerve

In the ginkgo skin, contain toxic substances “white acid”, “hydroginkgoic acid” and “ginnol”, when the toxin enters the human body can damage the central nervous system, causing poisoning.

Sweet potato, potato, persimmon and ginkgo, these types of food are actually on the human body has certain benefits, but their skin is absolutely not, because they not only flat without any benefits to the human body, it will lead to a variety of organ lesions, and even induced serious complications, it will endanger life.

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