Does the vaginal discharge quantity reflected the women strong sexual desire?

Women vaginal discharge is a kind of sticky fluid that produces inside the vagina, which is caused by women outstanding expression of sexual excitement. Basically, it is a combination of protein, sugar, fat and so on. In the sex life, the women vaginal discharge mainly for lubrication function, help man penis insert, and also effectively avoids both male and female sex organs discomfort due to dry friction.

Sexual intercourse experienced men all know that only the vagina becomes lubrication by the women vaginal discharge, then the sexual intercourse can began smoothly, otherwise it will due to lack of vaginal lubrication causes pain, make sexual intercourse difficult. Of course, when the secretion of vaginal discharge reduced during the sexual intercourse, it can also produce dry discomfort, or difficult to insert again.

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But we will also find an issue that is some women have less secretion of vaginal liquid, but some women with huge secretion of vaginal liquid. For the women who can produce much vaginal discharge, vagina already with fully lubrication even in the case of not too much excitement. If you believe that this feature indicate that the women has great sexual desire, it is totally wrong.

For getting the right answer of this question, we can dig with below different points.

First of all, we have to understand structure of the women vagina. The vaginal wall actually does not have a gland, but it has a rich blood vessels network. When the body is stimulated, these vessels will be highly congested, so that the liquid component of blood will get into the vagina, then the vagina can maintain lubrication. At the same time, the Bartholin’s gland located near the mouth of the vaginal will accelerate the secretion to maintain the vagina lubrication.

Under normal situation, the vaginal lubrication will appear after the body is stimulated within 10~30 seconds. Along with the increase of sexual excitement, especially during orgasm, vaginal lubrication will increase further. The amount of vaginal secretions, generally can ensure that the orificium vaginae and vaginal wall with sufficient lubrication. In the whole process of sexual intercourse, the vagina will secrete this kind of discharge, and when the sexual excitement decline, in particular, disappear, it will disappear fast, and this is because the vaginal wall has a reverse absorption function.

So, how much vaginal discharge is the best condition? In fact, for women, vaginal discharge too much or too less, will both cause discomfort. And the vaginal secretions mount and the vaginal lubrication affected by the age, physical, emotional, environmental, health and sexual experience and the feelings of both lover and other factors, especially the effect of estrogen receptor in the independent and without any relationship to moral consciousness. Even more vaginal secretions and vaginal lubrication, cannot be considered excessive sexual desire.

Under what condition will appear the secretion deficiency? Lack of vaginal lubrication that means the secretion discharge is not enough, mainly due to psychological stress, poor mood, nervousness, self-feeling bad, lack of foreplay and lack of passion for women and other reasons. Of course, there are some women are low levels of estrogen in the body or congenital physical factors.

The vaginal discharge is a normal physiological reaction with the spontaneous reaction of sexual excitement.

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