Does the man masturbate to make glans bigger?

Does the man masturbate to make glans bigger? A bigger penis glans really play an important role in male sexual weapon. Of course, large glans have some nature advantage when doing sex intercourse, but it does not mean the small can do nothing which can also bring pleasure for women. However, even so, most men are still worrying about their penis glans size issue. If there is a promised penis glans enlargement safe way, it is believed that more than 99% men will go for it. So, what do I do to become a big penis glans? There are some information that indicate that the masturbation can reach this goal, so let’s go deep for this topic today.

Normally, the slow flowing blood will be filling the whole penis with the gratitude of the sex center. Therefore, when you masturbate, refrain from ejaculation, and maintain this pattern, so that the increase in the penis glans congestion, forcing the skin bit by bit to promote. Repeat this action every time you masturbate. You should increase your penis glans. To increase the congestion of the glans penis, there is also a trick of holding the root of the penis tightly. Because this way, just sealed converging in increasing blood flow and also the glans part. Congestion not only make the penis becomes larger, but also the more congestion of the penis, the sensory nerve more sensitive will become.

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