Does the air cleaner really be useful? How to choose negative ion air cleaner

Air purifier which is also known as air cleaner or air freshener, is refers to the products which can be adsorption, decomposition or transformation of various air pollutants, generally including dust, pollen, smell, formaldehyde decoration pollution, bacteria, allergies, etc., effectively improve the air cleanliness, at present mainly in order to remove the air pollution of household and commercial air purifier.

How to choose negative ion air cleaner?

1, according to your own room size and personal preferences, choose the appropriate power of style, color. For the living room, bedroom and small office space, it should choose shallow color, rich decorative low-power fresh machine. And the study and small workshop appropriate selection of small and low power model. For the kitchen, bathroom where are easy to produce odor, it is appropriate to choose a large power cleaning machine.

Does the air cleaner really be useful? How to choose negative ion air cleaner

2, see whether the rate and the number of negative ions products to meet the corresponding standards, whether it has the relevant certification mark, whether it can really meet the need to clean indoor air pollution.

3, see whether it can effectively remove the smoke smell, odor, dust, bacteria, etc..

4, see whether the new product is flexible in the room, immediately following the source of air pollution can effectively remove the odor.

Purification efficiency (CADR) value has three indicators:

1, solid particulate matter, also known as Particle, usually used to simulate with cigarettes, so it is also known as soot

2, volatile organic compounds (VOC), usually used as a test source of toluene

3, formaldehyde

Generally, the effect of air purifier to remove the dust is more obvious, and the effect of removal for volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde is not as good as dust, so many businesses only marked dust CADR.

Does the air cleaner really be useful? How to choose negative ion air cleaner

In addition:

First, whether there is absolute security.

The purpose of buying an air purifier is to get healthy and fresh air. So the product safety is the precondition. The shell, core motor and purification technology of the air purifier will directly affect the safety.

Second, whether it has a scientific principle of purification to achieve the high efficiency of air cleaner effect.

There are five principles of international air purification, including physical, electrostatic, chemical, negative ion and compound. Generally speaking, physical purification is the most commonly used method. Such as dust, pollen, allergens, viruses and other large particulate matter can be filtered through the physical purification of the HEPA technology, and benzene, toluene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, such as odor, can be purified through the physical purification of activated carbon adsorption.

According to the way of purification, it can be divided into active and passive purification (fixed point) and the mixed purification types. The passive purifying method only has the purifying effect to the air which is sucked into the machine, and the active purifying method can clean the whole space. The mixed purification is the combination of the two, and the effect is better.

Active purification is a controversial technology in the world. Because air pollutants are generally 1/100000 or even lower concentrations, and active purification need to spray a higher concentration of chemicals in the air, so from the overall speaking, and even increase the degree of pollution of the air. For example, to release ozone in the air, in Europe and the United States is strictly prohibited.

Does the air cleaner really be useful? How to choose negative ion air cleaner

Third, whether to meet the specific needs of purification.

In terms of air purifier, the purification function is the most concerned function. If you are only want to improve the quality of indoor air with air purifier, so you can choose pure clean air, cost-effective type.

And with the increasing demand for quality of life, the demand for air cleaner is no longer pure indoor air purification. Such as the crowd who work in the air-conditioned room, because air conditioning dehumidifying the air in the room, and the skin becomes dry, so in the choice of air purifier, they will choose with humidified air purifier which is good for the skin.

Fourth, combined with market sales and the third party authority.

Air purifier with a high quality, must have the ability of removing the indoor germs, and dust. Buy air purifiers, especially pay attention to the sterilization and deodorization ability. In general, market sales are a key indicator of the market test.

Also like furniture, tables, sofas, mattresses and other air pollution concentration of breeding common planktonic bacteria of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, influenza virus, etc.; the newly renovated house full of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases. Air purifier for these harmful substances purification effect, if the third party authority of the verification, will be more convincing.

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