Does man’s blood type determine sex love frequency?

What blood type men will be the highest sex frequency? According to statistics show that the average sex time of A blood type man is about 4 minutes and 26 seconds, which in the shortest among the four blood types. But the advantage is make love for many times, average 196 times a year, and that means once every 1.86 days. Furthermore, the A blood type male will continue to work hard to make the female orgasm.

Does man's blood type determine sex love frequency?

If you can say to him: "good job!" in the critical moment, he will love you so much. So the biggest weapon to A type male is doing coquetry. The A blood type man will have of 4 sexual partners in life in average, and he is tacit understanding with O woman best. These kinds of man is doing very hard on the bed, and try their best to make the sexual climax, so he will be the typical good man.

Does man's blood type determine sex love frequency?

The B blood type male love to enjoy the open sex life.

This kind man doesn’t like dark, stiff sexual life. Simply speaking, they think the sex and love are totally different things, so they can enjoy sex without love. If women can freely express their joy, they may be able to enjoy a happy married life. The B type man has the strongest enduring, and the average sex time is about 7 minutes 11 seconds, which is the longest one.

This kind of man pay more attention on sex quality but not quantity, and the average annual sex is 158 times. The average life will have about 8 sex partners, and is the tacit understanding with A type woman.

Does man's blood type determine sex love frequency?

Type AB type males are more serious sexualist. Some of them think the partner must be a virgin, otherwise he will not actively. The AB type man is the most conservative, and they have sex on average time is about 6 minutes and 10 seconds, the enduring force row second place. The average annual sex is about 173 times.

The average number of life sexual partners is approximately 3 which is the minimum number.

Does man's blood type determine sex love frequency?

The O type man likes a regular sex life. They always think having sex is just liking eat meal which is essential to life. The O blood type man is warmly accepted sex, but also will show a more indifferent attitude. They love although serious and delicate, but it was unable to seize the good memories for a moment.

The O type man average sex time is about 5 minutes and 32 seconds. The average sex is about 180 times a year.

Does man's blood type determine sex love frequency?

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