Does male urine sound louder indicate better sexual performance?

There is some rumor said that there is direct relationship between the men urine sound and the sexual performance, that louder urine sound indicate better sexual performance. I believe that there are must much fans to this statement, but this argument may not be correct. So let’s go deeper with Pop Healthy Living network analysis and evidence.

Strong urine strength does not mean strong sexual ability

Does male urine sound louder indicate better sexual performance?Although men urinate and sexual behavior should be used in the penis, but there is no connection between the two abilities. The main factors that determine the strength of urination is the detrusor smooth muscle of the bladder and the urethra smooth condition. The former determines the power of the urine, and the later determines the urine resistance. These two factors have nothing to do with sexual ability.

Big voiding power = big urethral width = large penis = better sexual ability, this series of inference is reasonable? This is obviously a misunderstanding of sexual ability.

First of all, for most people, the penis size is most within the average range, unless there is a congenital gonadal dysplasia. Some people seem to be slightly smaller when the penis is weak, but after the erection, the volume is close the average or even higher than the average level. Secondly, the sexual ability mostly depends on the erection hardness and endurance, which is related to the blood microcirculation of the penis.

Urinary bifurcation is not necessarily prostatitis

There is a common misunderstanding that it is the prostatitis when there appears urinary bifurcation.

Once the prostate swelling, it will squeeze the urethra, causing urinary bifurcation. However, there are many causes can lead the expansion of the prostate, such as inflammation of the prostate, prostate hyperplasia, or even a simple erection of the penis. Because when the penis erects, prostate also can hyperaemia, expand and secrete material. Some men may have experienced nocturnal erections or morning erections, when go to the washing room, found urinary bifurcation, and this is a normal phenomenon. Of course, urine bifurcation with a long time and high frequency, it is better to go to the hospital to do a check.

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