Do you know the "liquid" on women underpants meaning?

Do you have such problems that there is some smell on the underpants? Yellow leucorrhea? Or even has blood on your underwear? When the leucorrhea presents quantity, the color, smell change, it is the alarm signal from your reproductive system.

The expert reminds that most of the time, the "private liquid" on women’s underwear is the "spokesman of gynecological diseases".

Do you know the "liquid" on women underpants meaning?

1, the underpants have peculiar smell

In normal condition, the vagina has no peculiar smell, and the leucorrhea looks like egg proof. The vaginal’s peculiar smell is mostly caused by abnormal leucorrhea. When the leucorrhea increased significantly, with white foam and sour smell, there may be trichomonas vaginitis. If appear much yellow vaginal leucorrhea, with peculiar smell, accompanied with the outer pudenda burning and frequent micturition, this may caused by bacterial sex vaginitis.

Do you know the "liquid" on women underpants meaning?

2, yellow liquid on your underwear

Bean dregs like or curd like leucorrhea, companied with vulva itchy, and it is critical to relieve vulva itching even in public places. This is common caused by infection of mycotic vaginitis.

3, a little blood on your underwear

Blood leucorrhea has two kinds of physiological and disease. Generally speaking, in the ovulation period some women will appear oviposit period a little blooding. But it may also be caused due to acute vaginitis, cervical polyps, or severe cervical erosion of gynecological diseases.

Do you know the "liquid" on women underpants meaning?

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