Do you believe canned food is more nutritious than fresh fruit

Researchers at the University of California, said that compared with fresh fruits and vegetables, the right way to eat canned food can help the human body to take in more beneficial substances.

Experts on the market to buy canned food ingredients to study, the results found that some canned foods contain beneficial trace elements than fresh fruits and vegetables in the content of more. The researchers said, fresh fruit and vegetables, mostly in just picking can provide to the human body a variety of vitamins and minerals, but usually these fruits and vegetables preservation conditions cannot keep all healthy nutrition.

Do you believe canned food is more nutritious than fresh fruit

Experts explained that the biggest problem of the preservation of fruits and vegetables is that they will usually be oxidized, and the oxidation process destroys the beneficial substances, and not suitable for the temperature will make the process more serious, such as fresh fruits are rich in vitamin C, if in a warm environment would soon lose its beneficial composition. In this regard, although canned foods do not contain important elements in fresh fruits and vegetables, but its nutrients are not due to the loss of oxidation.

Experts stressed that although canned food processed by hot processing, but does not affect the beneficial ingredients, such as vitamin K, E, A and D.

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