Do you believe 3 million of men in Britain suffer from sexual dysfunction?

Do you believe 3 million of men in Britain suffer from sexual dysfunction? Philip Larkin, Brattish poet, said, "The British sex began in 1963." A few words tells the British people altitude to sex topic. In fact, Britain’s overly conservative attitude towards sex has been an old story.

In 1949, Britain conducted its first national sex survey, but it was not released until 2005 by the Broadcasting British Corporation. As early as 1949, 25% men and 20% women had extramarital sex, and half of Britons had premarital sex, according to the survey. After the wave of sexual liberation in the 60s of last century, the British became increasingly open to sex. In 2005, a survey conducted by the economic and Social Council of the United Kingdom found that the gender differences in sexual behavior disappeared completely in the 90s of the last century, and both men and women enjoyed the free and equal enjoyment of sexual pleasure.

The openness of sexual attitudes has also greatly improved the quality of sexual intercourse. In 2002, a poll by the British Observer newspaper showed that people’s sexual satisfaction improved significantly over the past ten years. Today, the British have monthly average 8 times sex life, 71% of the people are satisfied, and self-feeling of bad performance accounted for only 5%. At the same time, the respondents think the most important thing in a sex relationship is trust, followed by communication, good sex ranked third. The quality improvement of sexual love has relation with the people who dare to try new methods, sexy underwear, new condoms, massage cream, sex toys, video, sex games and so on, which become the common people’s normal life.

In addition, with the advances in medical technology, men can improve their erection hardness in many ways and make couples more satisfied. At present, the many British suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED). According to the British national health system statistics, approximately 10% of men are suffering with erectile dysfunction, which means a total of 3 million men. This is really bad news for thousands of women who believe there cannot be satisfied sexual pleasure.

Do you believe 3 million of men in Britain suffer from sexual dysfunction? Today, the treatment of ED is mainly including oral pills, ureteral introduction, vacuum pump, physiotherapy (penis extender), penile implants and other methods. Among them, oral pills are the most popular in the UK. In September 14th, 1998, VigRX Plus was immediately sought out by the market when published in Britain, not only for men but also for women, and many claimed that life changed with these pills. According to a survey, 30% of Birmingham’s buyers are women. The women claimed that: "either let husband take the pills, or break up."

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In an interview, a British woman told reporters that without the man enhancement pills, her sexual life is not good but not that bad. Her husband will think of some new ideas, such as doing a full body massage, dancing with her to arouse the sexual desire. Unfortunately, once the penis get inside, which cannot last for over 2 minutes. Such sex is not enjoyment, but it is suffering. However, after taking the oral pills enhancer, the husband changed completely. Now he has been able to hold on for a long time and his erections have also improved considerably. So we have new expectations for every sex.

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