Do not take medicine injections, use your arms and legs to cure your hypertension

Now more and more people suffering from high blood pressure, and the harm of high blood pressure is very large, then usually what good method can treat hypertension?

Hypertensive health exercise

1, stretching the limbs

The feet and hands flexion movement (the purpose is through stretching limbs, lead the blood in limbs quickly return to the heart, and the blood oxygen supply system, and adequate prevention of acute and chronic heart and cerebrovascular disease, and can enhance the size of limbs joint flexibility), and then slowly squat legs do squat, arms lift, repeated 5 to 10 times.

Do not take medicine injections, use your arms and legs to cure your hypertension

2, push arch of the foot

Supine with double heel alternately pedaling friction arch, the soles of the feet feel warm. The friction arch can increase blood circulation.

3, massage head

Hands chafe, wiping the face several times, and then from the forehead to the occipital temporal back on both sides, and then along the neck down to two shoulder to the forehead, then down to the chest massage, massage about 20 times repeatedly.

4, massage belly button

With both palms alternately gently points on the navel, has the effect of lowering blood pressure and adjuvant treatment of stroke.

5, pound back

The feet of natural opening, two hands and a half fist from the bottom to the top, while the thump of the back, soft, not hard way too large, and two punches again from top to bottom thump 10 times.

6, beat the chest

The feet of natural opening, right upper limb, while driving arms elbow, right palm in the area before the heartbeat, left hand back in after heart beat, beat 10 to 15 times.

7, Straight movement

The feet of natural opening, the left arm lifted, right arm and left side to lift, the lift arm around the ring to the front, the ring to the inward side to lift the right arm and left arm, repeat the above action, even 5 to 10 times.

8, swing your arms

The natural stand, arms relaxed before and after shaking for 100 ~ 200 times.

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