Do not ignore the penile pain which may the hidden big problems

Do not ignore the penile pain which may the hidden big problems Penis skin or internal pain is nothing fun, please do not ignore such issue in your daily life, and go to visit your doctor would be a good idea. If you don’t agree with this point, just ask people who have had this symptom to get more details. The main causes of penile pain are trauma and excessive sexual intercourse.

In addition, bite by insect or people all possible, pimples or any skin trauma are often caused penile pain. Another common cause of penile pain is Genital Herpes infection of the penis. Before the onset of the disease, the affected area will continue to have 5 – 6 days of burning, itching or pain phenomenon, then in the epidermis can be found obviously, visible ulcers.

Once the blisters have healed gradually, the pain symptoms will disappear. After the first attack of herpes, some patients will have the special immune lasting for months, years, or even the whole life, but some patients often relapse. Before the AIDS has not been popular, the genital herpes is most often caused hysteria between the partners.

Inflammation of the prostate often causes pain in the penis, which can be caused by infection or irritation of the penis. If you are infected, you have to be treated with antibiotics; if stimulated, you can relieve your symptoms as long as you have plenty of rest.

Syphilis can cause penile ulcers and sores, but does not cause pain. There is also some sexually transmitted and cause pain symptoms are atypical urethritis, which usually caused by the bacteria of urinary tract infection or urethral inflammation and gonorrhea, although penicillin and other antibiotics drugs invention, gonorrhea still caused considerable distress to people. Furthermore, it is highly possible to suffer infection of the penis glans, while not applied circumcision, and this will make the penis with pain and swelling symptoms, usually as long as use the appropriate treatment according to the real root cause, most can successfully eliminate all kinds of discomfort symptoms.

The following are the less common causes of penile pain:

1. Penis cancer

It is not difficult to recognize penile cancer, and the diseased tissue can be seen from the surface of the organ. Unless it is infected, penile cancer usually does not cause pain. The cure for this disease is surgical procedure.

2. Prosthesis to treat impotence

Manual prosthesis has now been extensively used to treat impotence, whereby the tube is surgically inserted into the penile tissue to allow the penis to erect smoothly. If the prosthesis does achieve good function, the patient can enjoy a complete sexual life, but the artificially implanted tube is often infected and causes penile pain.

3. If I say red eyes and joint pain and discomfort associated with the penis, do you believe this viewpoint? This seemingly impossible symptoms called Lai permeability syndrome, which is the result of the body immune system disorders. Therefore, if the penis will pain and discharge some flow, and slight have a fever, joint pain, as well as together with red eyes, and all these means you are suffering such problem. Usually, after a few weeks, the symptoms will go away without any treatment.

4. Sometimes the penis pain is caused by erection. When blood clots in the arteries in the penis erection, it will prevent the outflow of blood from the penis to other parts of the body, so that the penis maintain much longer than needed or desired degree, it will form a sharp pain. This is called persistent erection and usually requires surgery to relieve obstruction.

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